Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Navigator?

A Navigator is an Ancient One who can help others travel through the Inner Earth passageways of time and space. Still, more accurately, they help others traverse through their own Neural Network passages (the Web of Life) of the Eternal Mind of The All That Is.

2.  What is a Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment (HJR) Session?

HJR utilizes Keylonta mechanics. Keylontic Science is the original organic 1st Creation Mechanics. The mechanics work with the organic Light Body and Plasma Spirit Body Structure to bring you back to your organic 1st Creation Mechanics of the Eternal Domain of The All That Is. This technology re-aligns the Artificial Finite 2nd Creation Fibonacci Tube Torus Net Earth program back to its natural perpetually renewing organic Ascension New Earth expression.

Whether you are a novice or an advanced Light Worker, the HJR Session realigns and recalibrates your Light Body anatomy to your Spirit body (Higher Self). A process to gain clarity about who you are and what you want to do in life. Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah navigates your way to connect to your personal Plasma Spirit “Pod Space,” aka Ma-sha-Ya- Hana Prayer Salon. From there, you are making connections to your Eternal Authentic Spirit.

Hypnotherapy is utilized during the sessions to help you go into a light trans-state to connect with your own Spirit Clan family, also known as higher Self, Inner Being, Guide, I Am… See HJR Description below for more details.

Once you’ve become established in your Pod Space. You can further develop your
relationship with your Multidimensional Clan Family and then make a connection
on New Earth, aka Yhu RhA Yah Earth. There are stages one can move through in
developing higher levels of your Pod Space within Yhu RhA yah Earth. Depending
on your unique template, you may go through the stages quickly, very slowly, or
somewhere in between.

The Introductory HJR session with Katie is about 2 hours. Follow-up sessions can range from an hour to two or more. You will receive a PDF Handout preparing you for the session.

Once you’ve become established in your Pod Space. You can further develop your relationship with your Multidimensional Clan Family and Then make a connection on New Earth, aka Yhu RhA Yah Earth. There are stages one can move through in developing higher levels of your Pod Space within Yhu RhA yah Earth. Depending on your unique template, you may go through the below stages quickly, very slowly, or somewhere in between.

3. These sessions differ from many other similar hypnotherapy sessions by:

  • Combining hypnotherapy with the mechanics of manifestation – Keylonta and working with The Krystal people from the Eternal Domains to aid in making the connection with your Authentic Clan family.
  • Developing a deeper awake and aware link with your authentic self.
  • Making a stable connection with New Earth to express now in this time-space reality, not somewhere in the hereafter.
  • Transcending polarity consciousness to see with clarity why you do what you do.
  • Clearing blocks at a deeper core template level when connecting with your own unique multidimensional Clan family self.

4. Where do I go on this journey? 

These sessions start at the water’s edge on Siesta Key Beach. You are soon taken via your Crystalline Travel Vehicle to Sanctuary Island. This Island is like a way station with an access point linking you to your current time-space reality to your personal Ma-sha-ya-hana Pod Salon or Pod Space.  The Pod Space is a safe place to travel “In Mind” through your Neural Network Pathways of the Eternal Mind to the DhA-Yha-TIe Planes of the Eternal Domains to make a deeply personal connection with your Inner God or Goddess/ Higher Self/  Inner Being/ I AM/ Spirit Clan family. You get the picture, so you find the right words for you.

5. What do I get out of doing a session and some common questions?

Each session is unique to each person, so it is hard to say all of what you can receive from a session. But I can say that everyone reports they gained more than they thought they would. 

  • Major shifts when you connect with you.
  • Personal healing with your own Buddha Team and Higher Self
  • So far, happily, people get their questions answered
  • Sense of well-being when before there was not any
  • A more profound intuitive knowing of who you are and what your contract is or purpose
  • Deeper inner-standing of how you create your reality
  • Development of Gridkeeper skills and how you create your reality through the HJR Ongoing Sessions

6. Commonly Asked Questions

  • How do I connect with my higher self?
  • Where did I come from?
  • What is my purpose??
  • What is my next step in life?
  • Relationship questions
  • Employment issues
  • Working through fears
  • Clearing blocks in various areas of life
  • Clearing blocks to connect with higher self

7. What is meant by Aurora/Yhu RhA Yha New Earth Now? And Why is that important to me Now?

“Life is not rock bottom solid,” as Seth by Jane Roberts used to say, which follows with unified field physics as well. The World we know is a construct or Reality Thought Keylon Coded Bubble Grid within the Morphogenetic field of the Kathara grid structure or Neural Network Pathways of Mind. Meaning we create our own reality, which means depending on where your vibrational energy signature is pulsating determines what type of Keylon-coded reality thought Bubble you are in.

We here on Earth tend to be caught up in the 2nd Creation Finite Net Earth Reality Thought Bubble. But there are billions of probability domains of possibility from just one thought intention. One of these many vast possibilities is the idea of Yhu RhA Yah (Aurora) New Earth. This idea brought together the Net Earth Finite construct with the Ascension Median Earth to create Aurora (perfect expression). The Ascension Median Earth was a portion of Earth’s morphogenetic field that choose to stay on the ascension path of perpetual organic renewal. The Aurora continuum is a bypass system that brings together the organic Light body structure with its Eternal Spirit Body structure.

The importance of this Aurora perfect expression is we can live an ascension life here and now. Here is a place where the more you align yourself energetically with this Aurora Earth, the more it begins to manifest around you.  It is the “New Earth” that people from different walks of life have been talking about.

Everyone is waiting for the great wave to come through, and yes, we are getting little waves coming through. But what can you do to personally draw those waves in and embody Aurora Earth which is currently in the process of merging into its
higher counterpart Yhu RhA yah Earth of the Eternal Internal domains of creation.

HJR Sessions are an easy, safe way to connect on a personal level daily with the mechanics and feel your way through at your own pace. Katie helps guide you to the door. You go through and make your way.

8. Where is Sanctuary Island?

Sanctuary Island is located off the Coast of Ah-Ma-ya-son, Aurora Earth DhA-ya-TIE planes- “Krystic Core Encryption held in the Aurora Continuum Frequency Spectra Blends with the frequency spectra of the dimensional domain structure (Cos-MA-ya planes) to which the “Ah-yah-VA frequency Spectra creates a new set of trans-time spatial Reality Fields literally materialize, linking the domain space-time Coordinate with its Aurora “perfect Expression” through a set of materialized transcendent dimensional Planes.” (Page e Sliders 11 Handout, E’Ashayana Arhayas of Arhayas productions)

9. What is My Pod Space? Why Should I use one to travel?

The Pod Space, also known as the Ma-sha-ya-hana Prayer Salon, represents your Ma-sha-ya-hana level of consciousness from the Eternal planes of existence. You are a powerful plasma generator being able to move through all the dimensional realms of reality at will.  Pretty much as a general rule, anyone born at this time and interested in this material is probably an Adoshi Adept who has either made it to the Ma-sha-ya-hana level.  An Adoshi Adept is one who has traveled the neural network pathways of Mind or Stairway to Heaven from the Eternal planes to the outer domains of the light body structure and back down again. A Ma-Sha-ya-hana has made the trek about three times. They usually come back on service contracts to help others navigate their way back home when they have gone down way too many “Rabbit Holes.”

So the pod space connects you directly to your own Eternal Life Clan family to directly link up to find your way to expressing and being your authentic self-expression here and now to live a full and harmonious life. Through the development of this relationship, you can manifest what you desire as you stand on your manifestation Template.

10. Do I lose control during a session?

No, you never lose control. The opposite occurs. You have more of a sense of who you are and why you are here, and what is important to you to create in your life.

11. Who is the Guardian Alliance? And what part do they play in a session?

The Guardian Alliance is many folds. They represent you in higher dimensional planes of existence. They are also members of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds who have been working in our time-space reality to make sure that if our Light Body went down way too many rabbit holes, they would help us find our way back “Home.”  Home is where your heart is standing in the full knowledge of who you are as the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT).

The Voyagers Series by Ashayana Deane Arhayas gives more detail. I also have a Harmonizing Journey Blog post as well, giving more detail. We are Angelic Humans, which now means were not created by the Anunnaki or any other aliens to be a slave race. We are highly evolved Spiritual beings living a bio-spiritual life

12. What is a Gridkeeper? And am I one?

HJR defines a Gridkeeper as one who has connected to their clan Spirit Family and is their authentic expression. Who then plugs into the grids of the Earth to align their lone Harmonic Authentic Eternal Expression with the Core of the Earth plane for healing and Aligning all of life everywhere to their authentic expression as New Earth Now.

The session includes connecting fully with your Guardian Clan family, the Al-Hum-Bhra (crystal people), to follow inspired action that fits your unique expression.

Most people who tend to be interested are inspiring healers, spiritualists, KSers, Abers, and grid workers/gatekeepers.

13. Do you work with the ancestors?

Yes, very much, so they are an intricate part of who we are biologically and as a soul/Spirit. There are Blood, Bone, and Star ancestors. They are part of our celestial Clan family and our Earth family. They are playing a vital role in the creation of Earth as well.

14. What do you mean by connecting with your Clan Family? Are they related to my ancestors and/or something else?

Yes, the ancestors are deeply connected to our spirit/Celestial Clan family. As we study who our biological family was and work with the shining ancestors to heal the sick ancestors, we heal ourselves and the Earth plane around us.

15. Where did you get your information?

This technology was brought back to Earth by Ashayana Dean (Arhayas Productions). Katie O’She Wha Nitah and HJR Seminars are in no way affiliated or involved with Arhayas Productions. Katie O’She Wha Nitah has applied the technology in her unique style.

(Sanctuary Island, Ah-Ma-ya-san, DhA-ya-TEi  planes, Ascension Medium Earth, Net Earth, and Ma-sha-ya-hana Salon or My Pod and Trinity Suns and the 8th Sun/ AL-Hum-Bhra and Floating Buddha Rites are concepts taken from sliders 9, 11 and 12 and Beyond the Vales Workshop 2000 (Floating Buddhas 2009) Azurite Press E’Asha  Ashayana ARhayas (Deane) and E’ Lai-sah flame/wave  ARhayas Productions 2013 and recently including KDDL 1-3 Yhu-Rha Dha Kin-es-Servatory, Rainbow Reservoir, and Yhu RhA Yah Earth and probably more as the process evolves and grows.)

HJR also includes Seth Material, Law of One material, Abraham-Hicks, and other like-minded materials. We are continually evolving and growing to expand the outer reaches of our Known Reality Thought Bubble.

16. Do you offer any ongoing HJR Sessions?

Level One:

The Yhu-Rha-Dha Krystal Caverns Exploration: This is a safe place to heal deeper wounds, explore your purpose, and much more. Yhu RhA ya Earth is a construct of the original Blue Print of the Earth Plane. We are each in our own unique way
creating this New Earth Now. These caverns are a transpositional platform bringing together your Light Body anatomy and Spirit Body blending together in a
very unique way. You can develop your relationship with the Cloak of The Eternal Ones, Buddha Team, and Pod Space connection.

The Cloak of The Eternal Ones or “The Great Protectorate” is an Eternal Spirit water vapor collective from deep into the core of Source itself. They are linked biologically to Jeshua 12 or Christ and White Buffalo Woman lineage. They are a cloak that you put on that covers every cell of your body. They and the Buddha Team, aka Slider Family from Urtha, are both parts of your clan family. They just each represent a different dimensional aspect of the Self.

Level Two:
The Yhu-Rha-Dha Rainbow Bridge (Intrical Bridge/ Krystal Bridgeway / Seven
Bridges Flows or The “Bypass System”): When you have developed your Pod
Space and relationship with your Buddha and Cloak of the Eternal One’s Team, it
is time to work within The “By-Pass” system or Yhu-Rha-Dha Rainbow Bridge
taking you out of the current compromised Time Matrix system directly into the
The core of Source itself. You will align your Light Body Neuronal structure with your
Spirit Body Anatomy to
begin the repair process for ascension.

Level Three:
The Yhu Rha Dha Zone: In this out-of-time or in-all-time space, you will plug your
Neuronal Network Pathways into this Transpositional Zone space aligning you
with Yhu RhA yah Earth. This is a womb creation space where you can create and
evolve yourself into deeper levels of who you are as the All That Is God Source 1st
Eternal Ah-yah Ay’a. It also can be an incubator space to nurture new ideas. This
place was created over a three-year period of HJR Gridkeepers Group work.

Neuronal Network: The Neural Network system is an energetic pathway of energy
lines and energy centers interconnecting your different dimensional bodies
together. This system as a whole represents your link up as the Eternal Mind of
the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah Ay’a. It is also a breathing system for the renewal of life force energy.

Level four:

Yhu RhA Yah Earth Initiation: Meet the Yhu RhA yah Earth Guardians of the Gate. Establish, if you so choose, your Nomie Plasma Double. Explore what a Density One experience is supposed to be like. Find your place in New Earth Now.

Nomie Gene: The Nomie are the keepers of the Gateways of the Galaxy. Or you could say Keepers of the Eternal Neuronal Network. We have dormant within our DNA coding to activate that ability within us.

Level Five:

Yhu RhA Yah Earth Core Platform 1 Initiation: Once you have created your Nomie Avatar, you can begin the seeding process of your Personal Planetary Morphogenetic shield into Yhu RhA yah Earth. We each have our own Harmonic Universe / Density body self in each Multidimensional Domain of existence.

This is the real mechanics behind how you create your own reality within your own Lone Harmonic. We all share a basic reality construct through our Root Chakra into the core of a Planetary / Morphogenetic Field/ Bio-Feed Interface System. We are truly the “I” and “The Am.”

16. Other options?

Also available are Private sessions utilizing Tarot, Soul Realignment, and NLP / TAB programming to clear major blocks interfering with your living a fulfilled life. These modalities can be utilized at any given stage above as well.

“Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embodying The Essence of The Law Of One” (SEPA):

For those who would like to delve deeper into the mechanics of Keylonta and the essence of the law of one, which is behind all of who we are and what we create in our life. You can also incorporate On-Going Sessions to work through each section or have a session to follow up after reading the book to integrate the information.

Practice how to apply the Mechanics in your daily life to make shifts and changes personal to you. In the application of the material, you develop a deep abiding relationship with your Inner Being Clan family expanding into a rewarding, Joy full Nomie Yhu RhA Yah New Earth Now Reality of Win-Win.

Develop Your unique Grid Keeper skills to heal your Lone Harmonic World you create within the Mass Earth Consciousness. In that healing, discover your unique desires and purpose in life.

This material gives a framework to see the World in a powerfully metaphysical yet down-to-Earth way that honors all Self-Sovereign Bio-Spiritual God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah’ A’ya (You, Me, We, They, Us, IT) of the Universal Planes of existence.

You Create Your Own Reality as in the Law of Attraction which utilizes the 7 Natural Hermetic Laws or really Keylonta Science. “What You Mind Matters.” You Are IT. So, where is your predominant Vibration

There is no right or wrong. There is only what “Feels Right” to each manifesting Individuus of the One where no one’s “Pie” is taken from so another can succeed. But with that said, we are so powerful that we can create living in bondage if we are not mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Waking In Alania Series:

Waking In Alania Book I: Orb of Ment-A:  A Newly Inspired Sci-Fi Fantasy Series about who we are as Spiritual Beings Living a Multidimensional Bio-Spiritual Existence in a World Really Not So Far Away.

In our distant past (subjective) is a Planet called Tara, an advanced civilization where people live by the Law of One. They do not eat food to sustain themselves. However, there is a darkness lurking in the shadows of the Planet’s soul, which has the potential to destroy All Life on Tara.

Kara is from the Continent of Alania, where the Solar Templar Initiates dominate, and the people are slowly being drained of their life force energy, which the Solar Templar Initiates use to control Tara’s Planetary Templar (Morphogenetic Field).

Kara meets up with some unlikely characters from New Guam, an Island located between Alania and the continent of Musa. Musa is the last Planetary Strong hold for those that live by the Law of One. Through her encounter with these powerful people who stand between those who live as Self Sovereigns and those that want to dominate all Life everywhere, Kara learns about her own innate power as a Self Sovereign Being.  Can they save Tara? 

Waking In Alania Book II: The Krystal Halls of Ment-A:  This syphi-fantasy takes place in modern-day Manhattan, NY, during the fall of 2012 when a warehouse in the garment district blew up. When the explosion occurred, a detective Ben Wilcox aka Genado had been on the scene and miraculously survived.  Because of the mysterious factors surrounding the case, the FBI’s Special Unidentified Phenomenon Unit, SUP, was brought in. The Special Lead agent in charge is Rick Myer, AKA Eshwa.

Candice (aka Kara) is the reporter assigned to the case. She meets up with her Team. They end up traveling through the inner portals of Earth, awakening the once-dormant passages leading to an even bigger World than her Beloved Tara. Yet even in this New World lurks an evil so vile that it almost makes even the Annu Templar Solar Initiates (Federation) out to be good guys.

Always in the background are Rashala UR and the Alliance of Guardians. Who are they, and what is their purpose? Will Kara/Candice and the Alliance of Guardians Team wake up Earth in Time?

Book III is in production

For more information or to purchase Waking In Alania Series

17. What is your HJR Seminar about? And why should I take the class? (Class is currently Closed)

The HJR Seminar is an evolution of the private HJR Session to include the book material from the “Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness  (SEPA) Handbook Re-Embody the Essence of the Law of One.”  This book is the foundation upon which Alignment In Spirit Inc. was based in bringing back the Essence of The Law of One of you are IT the power that Creates Worlds The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT).

This program takes Keylontic Science, Science of Mind, Abraham-Hicks, Seth by Jane Roberts, and many like Mind. This program is still unique in and of itself.   This biweekly six-month excursion is well worth the investment as you develop who you are as the all that is God Source 1st Eternal mindfully and not by default, becoming the powerful Gridkeeper that you are.

18. When is the next HJR Seminar?

Currently, the next 6-month class is closed. 

19. Does Harmonizing Journey have a blog?

Yes, we do. There is Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah series and HJR Insights series covering a variety of topics. If you are interested in Subscribing, please sign up below. Thanks

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’ She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR Navigator helps others to connect with their Multidimensional Clan Family.

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