Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Navigator?

A Navigator is an Ancient One who can help others travel through the Inner Earth passageways of time and space at one level. Still, more accurate, they help others traverse through their own Neural Network passages (the Web of Life) of the Eternal Mind of the All That Is.

2What is a Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment (HJR) Session?

A Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment (HJR) session utilizes Keylonta mechanics. The mechanics work with the organic Light Body Structure to bring back the organic 1st Creation Mechanics of the Eternal Domain of the All That Is. The Eternal Domain re-aligns the Artificial Finite 2nd Creation Fibonacci Tube Torus Net Earth program back to its natural perpetually renewing organic Aurora Ascension New Earth expression.

The HJR Session is an explorative adventure to get to know your authentic expression and answer any questions that you may have. A key factor in these sessions is you are in charge. You are making the connections. Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah helps you get there and holds space for you to do what is right for you.

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah utilizes hypnotherapy during sessions to help you go into a light trans-state to connect with your own Spirit Clan family, also known as higher Self, Inner Being, Guide, I Am…

3. These sessions differ from many other similar hypnotherapy sessions by:

  • Combining hypnotherapy with the mechanics of manifestation – Keylonta and working with The Krystal people from the Eternal Domains to aid in making the connection with your Authentic Clan family.
  • Developing a deeper awake and aware link with your authentic self.
  • Making a stable connection with Aurora New Earth to express now in this time-space reality not somewhere in the hereafter.
  • Transcending polarity consciousness to see with clarity why you do what you do.
  • Clearing blocks at a deeper core template level when connecting with your own unique multidimensional Clan family self.

Please check out the Introductory Session included in this package if you have not yet. An Introductory HJR session with Katie tends to last about 2 hours. Follow-up sessions can range from an hour to two or more. You will receive an MP3 copy of the session and a PDF Handout preparing you for the session.

4. Where do I go on this journey? 

These sessions start at the water’s edge on Siesta Key Beach. You are soon taken via your Crystalline Travel Vehicle to Sanctuary Island. This Island is like a way station with an access point linking you to your current time-space reality to your personal Ma-sha-ya-hana Pod Salon or Pod Space.  The Pod Space is a safe place to travel “In Mind” through your Neural Network pathways of the Eternal Mind to the DhA-Yha-TIE Planes of the Eternal Domains to make a deeply personal connection with your Inner God or Goddess/ Higher Self/  Inner Being/ I AM/ Spirit Clan family. You get the picture, so you find the right words for you.

5. What do I get out of doing a session and some common questions?

Each session is unique to each person, so it is hard to say all of what you can receive from a session. But I can say that everyone reports they gained more than they thought they would. 

  • Major shifts when you connect with you.
  • Personal healing with your own Buddha Team and higher Self
  • So far happily people get their questions answered
  • Sense of wellbeing when before there was not one
  • A more profound intuitive knowing of who you are and what your contract is or purpose
  • Deeper inner-standing of how you create your reality
  • Development of Gridkeeper skills and how you create your reality through the HJR Seminar sessions

6. Commonly Asked Questions

  • How do I connect with my higher self?
  • Where did I come from?
  • What is my pursuit?
  • What is my next step in life?
  • Relationship questions
  • Employment issues
  • Working through fears
  • Clearing blocks in various areas in life
  • Clearing blocks to connect with higher self

7. What is meant by Aurora/Yhu RhA Yha New Earth Now? And Why is that important to me Now?

“Life is not rock bottom solid,” as Seth by Jane Roberts used to say, which follows with unified field physics as well. The World we know is a construct or reality thought Keylon coded bubble grid within the Morphogenetic field of the Kathara grid structure or Neural Network Pathways of Mind. Meaning we create our own reality, which means depending on where your vibrational energy signature is pulsating at determines what type of Keylon coded reality thought Bubble you are in.

We here on Earth tend to be caught up in the 2nd creation finite Net Earth reality thought Bubble. But there are billions of probability domains of possibility from just one thought intention. One of these many vast possibilities is the idea of Aurora New Earth. This idea brought together the Net Earth Finite construct with the Ascension Median Earth to create Aurora (perfect expression). The Ascension Median Earth was a portion of Earth’s morphogenetic field that choose to stay on the ascension path of perpetual organic renewal. The Aurora continuum is a bypass system that brings together the organic Light body structure with its Eternal Spirit Body structure.

The importance of this Aurora perfect expression is we can live an ascension life here and now. Here is a place that the more you align yourself energetically with this Aurora Earth, the more it begins to manifest around you.  It is the “New Earth” that people from different walks of life have been talking about. Everyone is waiting for the great wave to come through, and yes, we are getting little waves coming through, but what can you do to personally draw those waves in and embody Aurora Earth Now.

HJR Sessions are an easy, safe way to connect on a personal level daily with the mechanics and feeling your way through at your own pace. Katie helps guide you to the door. You go through and make your way.

8. Where is Sanctuary Island?

Sanctuary Island is located off the Coast of Ah-Ma-ya-son, Aurora Earth DhA-ya-TIE planes- “Krystic Core Encryption held in the Aurora Continuum Frequency Spectra Blends with the frequency spectra of the dimensional domain structure (Cos-MA-ya planes) to which the “Ah-yah-VA frequency Spectra creates a new set of trans-time spatial Reality Fields literally materialize, linking the domain space-time Coordinate with its Aurora “perfect Expression” through a set of materialized transcendent dimensional Planes.” (Page e Sliders 11 Handout, E’Ashayana Arhayas of Arhayas productions)

9. What is My Pod Space? Why Should I use one to travel?

The Pod Space, also known as the Ma-sha-ya-hana Prayer Salon, represents your Ma-sha-ya-hana level of consciousness from the Eternal planes of existence. You are a powerful plasma generator being able to move through all the dimensional realms of reality at will.  Pretty much as a general rule, anyone born at this time and interested in this material is probably an Adoshi Adept who has either made it to the Ma-sha-ya-hana level.  An Adoshi Adept is one who has traveled the neural network pathways of Mind or Stairway to Heaven from the Eternal planes to the outer domains of the light body structure and back down again. A Ma-Sha-ya-hana has made the trek about three times. They usually come back on service contracts to help others navigate their way back home when they have gone down way too many “Rabbit Holes.”

So the pod space connects you directly to your own Eternal Life Clan family to directly link up to find your way to expressing and being your authentic self-expression here and now to live a full and harmonious life. Through the development of this relationship, you can manifest what you desire as you stand on your manifestation Template.

10. Do I lose control during a session?

No, you never lose control. The opposite occurs. You have more of a sense of who you are and why you are here and what is important to you to create in your life.

11. Who is the Guardian Alliance? And what part do they play in a session?

The Guardian Alliance is two fold. They represent who you in higher dimensional planes of existence. They are also members of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds who have been working in our time-space reality to make sure that if our Light Body  went down way too many rabbit holes that they would help Us find our way back “Home.”  Home is where your heart is standing in the full knowledge of who you are as the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT).

12. What is a Gridkeeper? And am I one?

HJR defines a Gridkeeper as one who has connected to their clan Spirit Family expressing as their authentic expression. Then, plugs into the grids of the Earth to align their lone Harmonic Authentic Eternal Expression with the Core of the Earth plane for healing and Aligning all of life everywhere to their authentic expression as New Earth Now. In other words you create your own lone harmonic reality that harmonizes with others harmonics. What World do you want to live in? Wake up and grab the steering wheel of life.

The session includes connecting fully with your Guardian Clan family with the assistance and gentle support of the Al-Hum-Bhra (crystal people), to follow inspired action that fits your unique expression.

Most people who tend to be interested are inspiring healers, spiritualists, KSers, Abers, and grid workers/gatekeepers.

13. Do you work with the ancestors?

Yes, very much, they are an intricate part of who we are biologically and as a soul/Spirit. They are part of our celestial Clan family and our Earth family. They are playing a vital role in the creation of New Earth as well.

14. What do you mean by connecting with your Clan Family? Are they related to my ancestors and or something else?

Yes, the ancestors are deeply connected to our spirit/Celestial Clan family. As we study who our biological family was and work with the shining ancestors to heal the sick ancestors, we heal ourselves and the Earth plane around us.

15. Where did you get your information?

This technology was brought back to Earth by Ashayana Dean (Arhayas Productions). Katie O’She Wha Nitah and HJR Seminars are in no way affiliated or involved with Arhayas Productions. Katie O’She Wha Nitah has applied the technology in her unique style.

(Sanctuary Island, Ah-Ma-ya-san, DhA-ya-TEi  planes, Ascension Medium Earth, Net Earth, and Ma-sha-ya-hana Salon or My Pod and Trinity Suns and the 8th Sun/ AL-Hum-bhra and Floating Buddha Rites are concepts taken from sliders 9, 11 and 12 and Beyond the Vales Workshop 2000 (Floating Buddhas 2009) Azurite Press E’Asha  Ashayana ARhayas (Deane) and Eh’Lai-sah flame/wave  ARhayas Productions 2013)

HJR also includes Seth Material, Law of One material, Abraham-Hicks, and other like-minded material. We are continually evolving and growing expanding the outer reaches of our Known Reality Thought Bubble.

16. What is your HJR Seminar about? And why should I take the class?

The HJR Seminar is an evolution of the private HJR Session to include the book material from the “Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness  (SEPA) Handbook Re-Embody the Essence of the Law of One.”  This book is the foundation upon which Alignment In Spirit Inc. was based in bringing back the Essence of The Law of One of you are IT the power that Creates Worlds The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT).

This program takes from Keylontic Science, Science of Mind, Abraham-Hicks, Seth by Jane Roberts, and many like Mind this program is still unique in and of itself.   This biweekly six-month excursion is well worth the investment as you develop who you are as the all that is God Source 1st Eternal mindfully and not by default, becoming the powerful Gridkeeper that you are.

The SEPA material is down to Earth simplified version of complicated ancient texts of knowledge made into manageable, digestible chunks to explore both personally and within a group session the mechanics behind the Law of One. You will work closely with your unique clan family in combination with your personal Buddha team and Guardian Alliance team for both personal and planetary shifts.

The only requirement on your part is an open mind and willingness and courage to explore who you are as the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya (You, Me, We, Us, They IT). This tends many times but not limited to healers, spiritualist, KSers, Abers, Sethers and Grid Workers / Gate Keepers.

17. When is the next HJR Seminar?

Currently, the next 6-month class will begin Sat Sept 5th.  Please check out the link below and sign up for Q & A on Sat Aug 8th to answer any questions that you may have and learn more about the class.

Please join our email list. You will receive a free PDF copy of “Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment (HJR) Seminar Series Frequently Asked Questions & Introductory Session to Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One”. The PDF includes an audio link for the Free Introductory Session.

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