Johan Haagsma

I’ve met Katie online because of my interest in Keylontic Science and Bio-Spiritual Teachings. After participating in a few free online practises to ‘Re-Embody The Essences of The Law of One’, my Higher Self kept on notifying me to book a HJR introduction session to push my own personal and spiritual development over an edge.Continue reading “Johan Haagsma”

Previous Website Testimonials

Katie offered me a realignment session and that is exactly what I recieved, a proper realignment. I had a vivid experience at Sanctuary Island where I made contact with a part of my plasma anatomy (Elaisa frequency plasmas) and recieved a ‘Sun blast’ that coated my left side. The effects of this frequency soon outpicturedContinue reading “Previous Website Testimonials”

Yasmine Mian

“Im so excited to have met this wonderful lady who I can’t highly recommend Katie’s beautiful enough! Katie is such a beautiful soul and I felt so at ease undergoing a session with her. During my facilitation session with Katie I gained so much clarity and alignment from it and really enjoyed the whole experienceContinue reading “Yasmine Mian”