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Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment (HJR) Sessions

Connecting to your God Source 1st Eternal Authentic Expression here and now on

New Earth.

A Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment (HJR) session utilizes Keylonta mechanics. The mechanics work with the organic Light Body Structure to bring back the organic 1st Creation Mechanics of the Eternal Domain of the All That Is. The Eternal Domain re-aligns the Artificial Finite 2nd Creation Fibonacci Tube Torus Net Earth program back to its natural perpetually renewing organic Ascension New Earth expression.

The HJR Session is an explorative adventure to get to know your authentic expression and answer any questions that you may have. A key factor in these sessions is you are in charge. You are making the connections. Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah helps you get there and holds space for you to do what is right for you.

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah utilizes hypnotherapy during sessions to help you go into a light trans-state to connect with your own Spirit Clan family, also known as higher Self, Inner Being, Guide, I Am…


  You can call me at 912-373-5141. People can also message me via Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Seminars & Sessions Facebook Page. For my Int’l folk, I have Whatsapp. Email: katie@harmonizingjourney.com.

Sessions are currently via Skype. To schedule an appointment, please see the Schedule Appointment link below HJR Private Introductory Sessions description when ready to purchase or just email me after session purchase to set an appointment. The scheduler goes by EST (New York) time then translates to your time.

***These hours are not set in stone, they are a starting point so flexible if you contact me.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah,

HJR Navigator helps people to connect with their Multidimensional Clan Family

HJR Introductory Sessions

This first session introduces you to your Pod Space following a particuar guided format.

HJR Private Introductory Session

Online two-hour Skype session that includes an MP3 Download of the session and PDF Handout to prepare for the session.


***Note: At this time the scheduling program is not connected to the payment option. Meaning two different actions. Also set at EST (New York) time. In’t folk should contact me directly to set an appt.

***Also Note: when you click on the PayPal button you can scroll down to click to pay with a credit card if you want to.

On Going Private Sessions

This option is available to those who have done their first two-hour Introductory Session and are now able to utilize a more tailored session unique to their individual needs. Follow up Sessions can be very helpful in fine tuning.

HJR Follow-up Private Session

A deposit of $50.00 is due at purchase and then the rest will be billed at the end of the session if it goes over an hour. ($50.00 for an hour, $25.00 for half an hour and $12.50 for 15 min). An MP3 Audio Recording included


SEPA Handbook

The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One

For those who would like to delve deeper into the mechanics of Keylonta and the essence of the law of one which is behind all of who we are and what we create in our life.

Please follow the link to learn more and purchase. Thanks

Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment Sessions Description:

This is a Journey to connect and Re-align with the Internal/ Eternal Core of your Being that some may call Inner Being or Higher Self of The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal. You are going back to the core realm upon which you had birthed into the outer realms of Creation. We will do this by a combination of Keylonta Technology (Vibrational Mechanics) and Hypnotherapy.

These sessions will explore ways to heighten your experience as God Source 1st Eternal Ah-ya’ A’ya (You, Me, We, They, US, IT) Multidimensional Being. In this Session we first take a voyage to Sanctuary Island which is located off the coast of Ah-Ma-ya-san, Aurora Earth DhA-ya-TEI plane, connecting geographically to Siesta Key and Myakka Lake, FL, USA.  Sanctuary Island is a place to connect into the DhA-ya-TEI plane via a portion of our self that is stationed there. 

Just as we are multidimensional so are all Earth Planes meaning both us and the Earth do experience different states of consciousness. 

***The DhA-ya-TEI plane is a location and state of consciousness at the same time.  The DhA-ya-TEI Plane is located at the point of First Creations Conception of Manifest expression of the Krist Code.  From this point, many Dimensional Worlds have been born. From this state of consciousness, we are less likely to get caught up in 2nd Creation Finite Mechanics and are more easily able to experience being in our Core as Source Spirit. 

Being this is a state of consciousness as well as a location we can be in our Earthly Harmonic Universe One identity and at the DA-ya-TEI plane consciously at the same time.  Sanctuary Island is a coordinate location that makes for easy conscious contact between the two locations/states of consciousness.  Once the link up occurs in our Aurora Aya My Pod Space Salon the two worlds become one there for we merge into that expression of Universal Mind or are Living New Earth Now.

The AL-Hum-Bhra means from the darkness into the light.  The AL-Hum-Bhra (Krystal Peoples) are the part of our Self that resides within the “Cave of Creation” of the DhA-ya-TEI plane that governs and administers the Law of One or Kryst Code program.  They are a very tangible loveable peaceful expression of our being for they Inner-stand fully what it means to be a God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya (You, Me, We, They, US, IT).  They are a helpful guide and support in the Journeys as God Source First Eternal. 

From the DA-yah-TEI Plane we can with the support of our AL-Hum-Bhra Team Self moves into the Core of God Source E’ LAi-sa flame/EFFI state. More recently since the opening of The Krystal Caverns, we have been exploring the Yhu Rha Dha Field and Zone connecting us to Yhu RhA yha Earth.

Progressively we will explore these new states of consciousness as we explore re-aligning our 2nd Creation Mechanics back to 1st Creation Mechanics.  We will eventually journey with the Elemental kingdom called our Body, experience moving up and down the dimensional Scale and many more experiences as Guided.

***(Sanctuary Island, Ah-Ma-ya-san, DA-ya-TEi planes, Ascension Medium Earth, Net Earth, Aurora Earth, and Salon or My Pod and AL-Humbhra are concepts taken from sliders 11 and 12 Azurite Press A&A Deane and E’Lais;-ah flame/wave and EFFI state From  ARhayas Productions 2013 and currently now incorporating their KDDL material particularly with the term Yhu-Rha-Dha and YhU-RhA-Yha Earth)

HJR Seminars LLC is forever grateful to E’Asha Ashayana/ Arhayas for the work she has been doing to bring in the information for us all to be able to access more easily these higher planes of 1st Creation Mechanics.  Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, Brackeen and HJR Seminars is in no way affiliated with Arhayas Productions. Please check out Arhayas Productions too at http://www.arhayas.com/

***Katie O’ She Wha’ Nitah/ Katherine Brackeen and HJR Seminars LLC Products and Services do not Diagnose, Treat or Heal any ailments or Mental Disorders


Katie offered me a realignment session and that is exactly what I recieved, a proper realignment. I had a vivid experience at Sanctuary Island where I made contact with a part of my plasma anatomy (Elaisa frequency plasmas) and recieved a ‘Sun blast’ that coated my left side. The effects of this frequency soon outpictured 3D as quickly as hours after the session and the realignment procedure began.

I had a second session with Katie and recieved a root/nadal chakra activation and a special visit with family where I was given a gift that related to musical expression, which again outpictured very quickly after the session. The frequencies experienced during and after both sessions loosened up some very dense energies in my life.

I believe Katie’s work is essential right now and I only wish there were more KSers doing this. She has establishes a strong connection to the Sanctuary Island/Sun 8 passages and has the ability to hold those passages open for others to visit. This is what we all can learn to do to assist right now as we learn navigate and integrate frequency.

-Christopher V Comstock

Let’s Travel to New Earth Today

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