The Polarity Drama A HJR Insight

Polarity Consciousness seems to be a primary theme of living a 3D life. The battle is literally between light and dark, electrical male and magnetic female. I can’t say that Polarity consciousness is my cup of tea, but I am coming to understand its position in the scheme of the bigger picture of human evolution. Particularly with bringing in the third key component of Spirit aka. Internal Eternal Core of your Being God Source First Eternal Ah-yah A’ya to balance the scales.

As the newly evolving freedom Spirits, we are sifting and sorting what works and what doesn’t. We are learning how to experience each positive to negative vibratory tonal signature to determine our inner Eternal balance point. We each have experience extremes of liberal vs. conservative, Luciferic vs. Arymetic, Patriarchal vs. Matriarchial, good vs. evil, and right vs. wrong streams of consciousness.

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The Guardian Alliance? An HJR Insight

There is a lot of fear and disinformation surrounding the Guardian Alliance. The Voyagers Series by Ashayana Deane, aka Arhayas, gives the most comprehensive hidden history of who The Guardian Alliance concerns who we are as a Human Angelic Race. The Seth Material, Rudolph Steiner, Gigi young, and a few others give excellent filler information about our hidden history. So I recommend you check them out as well. I struggled with whether or not to post this. But as usual, take what fits for you and leave the rest. Or at least place in ‘file Thirteen for future review.

The Guardian Alliance clarifies that their information is all Theory for nothing here in our Light body Outer realm is “Rock Bottom Solid.” We all Create Our Reality within our Lone Harmonics. We all make agreements of what basic “Named” concepts or ideas such as a book is. Yet each of us sees our own “Book,” so there are billions of views of just one book. Yeah, confusing, right LOL

“The Guardian Alliance of The Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) Of The Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister Holy Order of The Yunasai Sacred House of One. These many Races of Beings live by an egalitarian co-operative through co-creative agreements that are based upon principles of Law of One communion and genuine non-patriarchal Melchizedek Cloister Maharata – Inner Christos Teachings.” (Voyagers 1 Sleeping Abductees by Ashayana Deane/Arhayas, page 158)

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Fatalism: An HJR Insight

headinsand.png (637×298)


of The Normy Thinking

We are in the process of literally changing our base pulse rhythm back in tune with our Inner Being as a Hu-Man Race. If you are playing the 3D game of dealing with lockdowns and face diapers, then at some level, you have bought into the Deep State Fatalism Program. We are being played for sure. I’m right there with you, so I’m not fronting. This Fatalism program is partly due to life choices and powerful dark magic by “The Deep State cult.”

Another word by Gigi Young to explain who these beings are Fallen Breakaway civilizations. Humans from our future who, through their choices, identified with AI technology and are no longer human. They follow an AI God of Intellect known as Dark Lords or FataLEE Time Lords. Their emotional feel body was bred out of them. Their higher coding became convoluted.

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***New*** HJR Gridkeepers Online Membership Program Update

The ***New*** Updated HJR Gridkeepers Online Membership Program is geared towards those who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend the live, biweekly six-month Seminar but would still like to participate in the MeWe Recorded Sessions.

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The Normies? HJR Insights

We all, at some level, have been SRA, aka MK-Ultra, programmed In our life. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. In fact, the more educated you are, the more programs you have been indoctrinated into. Intellect alone is not going to help you out with breaking the programs. So, in essence, we all are Normies at some level. Compassion is essential right now for all of us.

Stop making wrong, your fellow man. Whether it is talking about a Normy or a Truther. Especially finding fault in another Truther because they see things differently than you do. We are a team. We are all working to find the truth in a World where we have been conned repeatedly.

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What is The Black Sun? HJR Insights

The topic of the Black Sun has been coming up a bit lately in my hologram. Recently, Gigi Young did an excellent video about it. I recommend you watch her video as well. There is a lot of fear around it, and rightly so, but we have been conned as usual. Just like we were told Taro and astrology were evil. We have been taught that anything to do with the Black Sun is evil. Knowing what I know now, I would say nope but tread carefully. This is what I have learned, and as usual, take what you like and leave the rest. Also happy to hear others’ perspectives.

The Black Sun is the Manu. It is the leading leg of the true trinity Light-Sound-UN-ONE or the Pillar of Power. The Light-Sound is its Keylon coded manifest reflection of IT. ITs Sunlight can not be seen by the naked eye. We can only feel the sense of IT through our molecular structure that is made up of IT in its purest form.

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The Rainbow – Sun Krystal – Matrix Speakers & The 180 Degree Pole Reversal September 2021 Equinox

The Rainbow – Sun Krystal – Matrix Speakers includes the Krys-Ta-LA, Haah-TUr Reisha LAe (Inner Hub Domain)(HHCC), AdonA, EyanA,  Eiyani, Elohei, and MCEO Councels.  This council came in 2006 – 2009 to bring in The Return of The Rainbow Bearers and the Ancient “UnSpoken Ones” of the Krys-ta-LA council from the Eckasha-Aah Krystallah core.  This Krys-ta-LA council had come into this Le-Etora matrix before the fall of Tara 550 MYA when Earth was U-rtha. 

This Rainbow Council worked with us to run the Ta-KEy-on cycle and accompanying Tauren Light Seed Activation and opening of the Diamond Door to prepare for the Dec 2017  Ecka Zero point “Diamond Sun Chariot of Fire”  Crystal Body activation.  These activations had been to draw the salvaged Veca and Earth through the final 180- degree Magnetic pole reversal to Pass through the Khemalohetea Ecka center flame Cruxsansatea “Window” into the new probability time of this the heroic probability of the parallel Le-AdorA Eckasha – Ecka-Veca system to move into the Trans-Eckasha probability mainline (Ecka-Veca) to the core objective of the Polarian hosted Starburst Response.

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The Freedom Spirits A Harmonizing Journey With Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

This post might hit a nerve both positively and negatively. Maybe I am right, and maybe not? It is all perspective of each person’s viewpoint. I hope you gain something from mine and share in a loving, positive way your perspective as well. My goal as Humpty Dumpty is to put my pieces back together again. So that I can move forward up and along the Krystal Spiral of Life.

As much as we would like to go back to the way we came into this time matrix. We can’t go on many levels. Not just because the way is no longer functioning. It is no longer functioning for many reasons. One, in particular, is the old spiral cycle has ended. We no longer cycle with the in-breath and out-breath of the traditional water-man Hu-man or creature of water light of Lemurian and Atlantian times.

As the Eternal Mind of the All That is on the leading edge of creation, we are now ready to take the next leap in evolution. The I Am identity is now at a new level of development. We are humanity who stretched its boundaries through the evolution of its intellect. We can now bring together the Earthly “taste it touch it visceral” experience with the light body to the Spirit body evolution.

No longer do we just follow what The Eternal Mind of the All That Is, aka God Head Says to do. We can pick and choose. We even figured out how to expand on the altering by the God Head of the light body structure creating 2nd Creation Finite Mechanics with its associated Fibonacci Spiral and Tube Torus construct that we have today. Who knows, maybe we will actually master creation in a way that brings us back into the organic in-breath and out-breath of perpetual renewal?

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The Laying of The New Pipe A Harmonizing Journey With Katie O’ She Wha’ Nitah

The New By Pass System

I am honored to have been guided to learn these teachings and integrating them into my own unique expression of Being. I have and continue to awaken into my part of integrating and utilizing this by-pass system. While currently, I am in no way associated with Arhayas Productions. This has allowed me to bring out my own unique ability as a Navigator to traverse this new passageway that quite honestly has become second nature to me.

Thank you, Guardian Alliance, and all key members such as E’Ashayana Arhayas and Indigo Team. Some members have fallen to the wayside at times as we had to adjust the course slightly depending on the probability timeline we were connected to.

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