The Life of The Elementi a Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

What are the Elementi or, as we commonly call Elementals aka Partiki aka the Forces of Nature? Nature Being “The basic or inherent features of something, especially when seen as characteristic of it,” web Oxford dictionary.

Elementi is complex Keylon coded conscious awareness grids of Light – Sound- Oneness. The first manifestation of the Light Body Construct that eventually becomes the physical Nature that we know. It is the 1st manifest structure to birth out of the Kin-servitory.

Most organic forms are huge complex Keylon coded Ah-yah A’ya God Source 1st Eternal expressions in their truest form. They designed themselves bit by bit. In the Eternal Now of Being, there is a place all the variations or alternatives abide. Still creating finding ways to further their evolution in other domains.

What is their purpose? They are the building blocks of Creation as the Source ITself Ah-yah A’ya at ITs purest form.

Source or the All That Is continuously choosing as these huge complex Keylon coded Elementi to develop the “I” as it differentiates ITself into denser states. This was an evolutionary decision based on many ideas, experiences, feelings, awareness, and curiosities. Many, many, many calculated “what ifs” of probabilities to densify within its “Being.”The desire was too strong not to expand into this deeper “I” of possibility within IT’s own Eternal Mind.

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Reconnecting with the Organic Holographic Earth Records a Harmonizing Journey With Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

Be careful of being caught up in Dogma or finite rigid mindsets. These “Mind Sets” can trap us. Even the good ones because we become dependent on them. We stop tuning in to our breath, feeling the unified / Morphogenetic field moving through us. Like we did as a young child.

We can navigate using our breath in “free flow,” feeling this vibratory oscillating frequency pulsing through us. Allowing life to be as we “Is” through it.

We are IT, so what feels genuinely good aligns with the All That is God Source 1st Eternal. What doesn’t “feel” right to us is going against who we are. Meaning living in Fininte 2nd Creation Mechanics

Be careful of getting caught up in the rigid dogma of religion or societal Laws or “Group Think.” We tend to give our power of discernment away. Our ability to navigate through the Unified Field / Morphogenetic Field of life. We are then vulnerable to “Mind Control” technology, whatever form it may take.

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Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha’Nitah: Releasing The Ancestral Burdens Binding us to Net Earth

The fifth Chevron Pulse came through May 20th, 2021. Yes right around the time some psychics predicted something was going to unplug us from the Deep State aka Net Earth, Moon Band.

Many are saying what is a chevron? There are a lot of technicals from the KDDL 3 by E’Asha Arhayas of Arhayas Productions. I will just briefly say this pulse comes from the Eternal Core of Source itself. There appears to be a great Protector or as I have come to know the Cloak of The Eternal One’s connected to this energy. This energy has come in part to break up the Trumpet Pulses.

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Living The Oneness with Simon Parkes and Caroline Chang

This truly is a time of awakening as we take a hard look at the belief programs in our lives that we accepted as truth or the way it “Is”. Is it really? Or have we been played generation apon generation. Parents tell their children that “you have to be…..” Well if that is uplifting great. If it is not and causes pain and suffering and “divide and concour energy” for “you know who” then, hmm may be time to reassess.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR Navigator helping others to connect with their God Source 1st Eternal Self to Re-member who they are as powerful multidimensional Beings

I AM The Stillness within of The Fabric of Creation

There is an active stillness within as the All That Is Ah-Yah A’ya interplays in on itself. Like spiraling waves of conscious, awake, aware intelligence cycles throughout IT’s Being. The Base Pulse Rhythm is pulsing and circulating through the Eternal Domains of ITself.

These Eternal Domains have a Pre-Ordered Keylon Coded Mapped Structure of “Laws” of order they follow. These “Laws” or Pre-Ordered Keylon Coded Mapped Structures or “Dimensional Domains” have a base Pulse Rythm or Vibrational Tonal Signature that they follow. Creating the mental, emotional, and physical Elemental Persona / Schemes and their associated memes are the frameworks we use to create the fabric of Keylon grids of life we live.

***Note: Keylons are the conscious aware building blocks of multidiminsionalized life.***

This structure is not static. It is a very fluid structure continually renewed and expanded as we breathe our lives into IT.

Each Keylon Coded Elemental Persona holds the vibratory tonal fabric of its dimensional domain. In our particular Density One Time Matrix, many of these Personas have had their basic coding artificially altered, creating what I refer to as Finite 2nd Creation Mechanics. The organic Light Body Structure no longer receives vital life force energy replenishment and now has to vampire off other life forms. There are exceptions, of course to the rule.

There is a mindset or way of being that defines these Personas. Such as seeing oneself as finite, less than. The World is unsafe and dangerous and fearful. You can not trust your own nature, so you have to look outside yourself to a greater power, i.e., Higher Self, Father/Mother figure for guidance. For your own will can not be trusted.

There is a hierarchical Controller structure you must follow. These dark lords, Emortals/ Archons, had been ruling those who had become 3D mortals.
From what I understand through my guidance and other’s perspectives, there is only one of these Dark Lords left in power. He is on his way “out the door.” This Dark Lord is attached to the Satanic Deep State Black Magic 2nd Creation Finite A.I. Mechanics of old Net Earth. I would say more, but I would get in trouble. Let’s just say, Administrator B man, Black hats are of the old Net Earth World.

As Eternal Beings we created the origins of these alterations for the expansion of IT. But these altered Personas have created a life of their own that has gone down many deep rabbit holes. So deep that we can not go down to find them and have at times filled the deep dark underground tunnels with water. When we can rescue the lost children, their minds are so corrupted that we are the enemy, and this Dark Lord is “The Savior.”

It will take some time to help these children, and don’t think just because you were not found in one of these deep dark underground tunnels that you are not affected. We are all in “The Net Matrix,” finding our way out bit by bit, discovering those transparent beliefs that we accepted as truth even when they violated the “Natural Laws.”

The New Earth / Aurora/ Yhu-RhA-Yah Earth Now The Guardian Alliance and the White Hats Mr. T man behind the scenes is part of the organic Eternal perpetually renewing New Earth reality running right along next to the old Net Earth. We all have a choice in which direction that we want to go.

There are many ways to disengage from this artificial net program. Meditation is an excellent way to break the monkey mind mental chatter and make that connection to your inner being. For some, that will be all they need to do. Others who went far down the rabbit may need more help, and again they will find their resource that will be their catalyst to shift.

HJR Seminars LLC is my particular path to re-aligning and re-calibrating one’s Template back to its organic state. Especially for those highly coded gridkeepers who came in to help this time matrix and got knocked on their buttes.

HJR Seminars and Private Sessions utilizes a combination of Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Law of One ideology intertwined with Eternal Creation Mechanics brought through by E’Ashayana Arhayas. This mechanics is straight from the Guardian alliance who our clan family of consciousness is a part of.

The mechanics are easy to follow to make the connection bypassing the Net Matrix Dark Lord Satanic program and directly linking up to your family of consciousness for answers in your own life. No outside deity required, thank you very much. This presence that you be is IT The All That Is Ah-yah A’ya (You, me, we, us, They) the power that creates Worlds the true I AM of the Stillness Within of the Fabric of Creation.

Here is the Being In Alignment In Spirit group Facebook Live Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha Nitah session. Here we played with Rainbow Soap Bubbles to clear re-align and recalibrate our old out dated Net Earth programmed personas back to their organic state. Not just for ourselves but also connected with our ancestors of Blood, Bone and Stars.

Newcomers are welcome. Here is a link for the PDF Introductory session with FAQ to prepare for the Journey. Make sure you review the steps and the Appendix section.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR Navigator helping others to connect with their God Source 1st Eternal self to re-member who the are as powerful Multidimensional Beings

The Awakening of The Chrystal Mu’Ah People

My memory of Lemuria is limited.  But I can remember and what I have heard recently is it was a time of great magic that made even Atlantis pail in comparison. We had a deep connection with the elemental kingdom and could manifest at will anything we wanted. Our bodies were jelly-like and deeply connected to the element of water.  As specific lineages evolved, becoming the liquid krystal star Ma Rae, Mar, or Marys, who birthed the Lotus babies. We held within our Krystal codes the history and knowledge of the Planet and celestial star systems we were a part of. Hince, the Navigators of The Stars.

In the early part of our civilization, we were so in tuned that we could just follow how we felt to know what was in alignment. But as we progressed, coming into a new stellar cycle, some Lemurians were on the downward cycle instead of the upward spiral. They became a bit nuts and were still doing the energy work connected to the Planetary portal system.  They brought in these lower density beings who, bit by bit, brought us down even more to which these dark lords came in.

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HJR Gridkeepers March 2021 Seminar Q&A Replay

Interesting conversation about current events and how they are playing out in the development of New Earth. Hope you enjoy and please check out link for class below. Don’t miss out Registration ends the 16th.

Hope to see you soon. Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

The navigator helping others to connect with the God Source 1st Eternal self to re-embody who they are as powerful Multidimensional Beings.

HJR Seminar Series

Harmonizing journey With Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah Gaining Our Emadicus Back

The creative Source of our Personal Planetary Morphogenetic Field Template. This is very important as we transform into New Earth with 12/21/2020 being a key date to flow with the wave through.

Deep into the sea of ancient Atlantis, I had gone where there is an underground cavern or structure locked, enslaved, and felt like petrified wood. I was connected to it in three spots, the back of my neck, between the shoulder blades, and tailbone.

When Atlantis went under, the sky above had unleashed deadly chaos. I tried fixing it, only I had gotten more enslaved by it. Some may call it the “Arc of Peril.” I had been stuck by it ever since. This rage, stuck, controlled energy has been repeated throughout my lifetimes to this very day played out in the current DeepState drama.

We are at a critical juncture in our evolution right now. December 21 2020 marks a significant shift point from one cycle to the next. We are officially now moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian age. In that transition, the Atlantian fall and all the contracts we made with ourselves are up for renewal. As you move into this new age, do you want to stay the same? Or do you want to clear your personal Planetary Morphogenetic field template to gain your full manifesting capabilities?

We can take back the vital creative life force energy that we placed in these institutions to give Dominion over us to “Fix the Chaos.”

We can now choose to turn away from the chaotic sky above. We can return to our Eternal Core of our personal Emadicus. There we can recharge and re-imagine. We then can follow inspired action into this new age.

If you would like a Private session here is the link and looking forward to connecting:

If you would like to attend my next HJR Gridkeepers Seminar starting in March 6th 2021 Registration open until February 16th 2021:

If you have not signed up for my HJR Seminars Mailing list to receive your free Introductory session. Please do now thanks.

Much LUV, and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR navigator helping others to connect with their God Source 1st Eternal self to re-member who they are as powerful multidimensional beings.

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