Barry aka Arin EIAyanni

Dear Beloveds,
In composing this review it is with gratitude to the guardians and also the beloved called Katie O’She WhA Nita.

She has an incredible connection with the guardians and I feel honor and proud to of experienced her working with them on a few occasions. Her direct connection has enabled me alongside Katie to see and feel things in this lifetime the only source would know is possible. She is a natural when it comes to working with them. Her attitude and awesome qualities make you feel at home. Her laughter too is healing in itself. She takes you along a journey of self-discovery and a healing process at the same time. She embodies the attributes and responsibilities of a Krystic being and again I can only say how proud I am that she has birthed here on the planet in this lifetime. She really is making a difference. Among her qualities are LAvA, Tru-Ah Effi-Ah , Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, and so much more and these are evident in her listening and speaking too. She serves from her heart and really is a divine incarnate being, inside and out. She has a determination to be and encourage all to be their authentic self. If you need to develop and grow with knowledge then this lady will enhance and support you on life’s journey. So if you need direct feel free to contact Katie and you will be pleasantly surprised, uplifted, and encouraged.

So with gratitude I say TA Aj’hA IntA DorA>3
Barry AKA Arin EiAyanni.

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