Crystal O’Keeffe

Harmonizing Journey to Re – Alignment

My Harmonizing Journey to Re – Alignment was my life changing moment, Katie’s joy filled presence and humour put me at ease. My excitement was palpable upon meeting Katie, once I settled down, Katie went through all the processes of Alignment that resonated through my being to the core.

Katie Re- Aligned me to my clan/tribe taking me on a familiar pathway, riding in my pod to Sanctuary Island to the Crystal Caverns, to meet once again and Re- Align to my Tr U Ah self.

Pieces of my fragmented frequency have now been aligned to re-discover the following.

‘Sha’ – EirA Particum Universe

The “Sound” / God – Seed / Divine Mother Creation Seed

‘Dha’ veca – Kundaray Sound Fields ( Engaging the God Languages ) Dr U A’ Jha.

‘Rhu’ – Ah -yah -Rhu;

The covenant and Eternal Dream – Fields of the ONE’

Cosmic Krystar Master Council.

Eternal E’Lum’en’ed Essence LuV bubble

Crystal ‘Sha – Dha’ – ‘Rhu”


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