Divljak Ljubo

Katie O’She Wha Nitah is one the Guardians herself, in her counseling arms I felt genuine Luv and safety but also a nutritive sense of purpose with immediate practical, earthly applications.
Being new to Keylontic Science, I was feeling a bit nervous, I didn’t know what to “expect”, but the moment we entered the deeper environs of the Re-aligning Journey I was stunned by the amount of light pouring on/at me from all sides, even from within! My breath was taken away by the beauty of the fine filaments of light that were becoming visible in their transparent cosmic dance of all colours against the background of Katie’s enormous energy body that seemed to merge with Infinity.
I was at times experiencing trouble keeping awake, I may have even dozed off on an occasion or two, but only brielfy, seconds in and out. My Buddha clan/family took the appearance I knew very well from my dreams, although I must add that I haven’t met them in awhile.
Seeing them again, thus, made for a joyous heureka moment. They were all clad in white robes, barefooted, bearded, somewhat “aloof” but definitely caring and concerned as to my fate, spiritual and otherwise.
I got to understand that Katie’s endearing laughter, the one thing that initially made me feel somewhat nervous, was but a harmless way for her to discharge the enormous amounts of energy that build up in her Being.
There is a Sufi saying that says: to have seen a liberated human being is to have seen God Himself – words to that effect.
All I can say is: I wasn’t expecting to meet God but I did.
Goddess, actually!
Whatever I say and write won’t do justice to Her but let me try anyway:
Katie is Aurora Herself, the New Earth personified/enfleshed.
It is thus immaterial to be bothering you further with the peculiar elements characteristic of my journey, except to say that like a Lioness takes her cubs and transports them to safety – so was I transported to safety by the enormous blast/splash of pure Luv and light emanating from my nurturing Navigator, Katie O’She Wha Nitah. And I will forever be thankful for this experience.
The prices she charges, compared to the greater Good she does, are almost ridiculously low, but there you go: Aurora New Earth is affordable!
And Mother Stands For Comfort!
I hope I will soon be blessed with another spiritual randes-vouz where my links will be further strengthened.
Allow me to conclude this by expressing my deepest gratitude to Katie and the Ascension Guides & to AEsha Ashayana ARhAyas and all my KS kin.

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