Johan Haagsma

I’ve met Katie online because of my interest in Keylontic Science and Bio-Spiritual Teachings. After participating in a few free online practises to ‘Re-Embody The Essences of The Law of One’, my Higher Self kept on notifying me to book a HJR introduction session to push my own personal and spiritual development over an edge. So that is what I did.

When we prepared my session it was clear that it was important for me to receive deeper ‘feelings’ and frequencies that would expand and clarify later in life. I somewhere knew this for myself already, but it was nice that Katie could point this out without me saying a thing about it. It took away some self-doubt and instantly made me more confident in listening and receiving my own inner guidance.

During the session loads of distortions got cleared, I experienced myself as a blue-hominid and got some messages I really needed to hear. I experienced a deep inner peace and now (2 weeks later), it is still easy to (re-)connect myself to this inner sense of peace. It makes it more simple to stay centred and enables me to tap into a Living Cognition to ‘inner-stand’ myself, others and the Universum around me more fluently. I also find that the frequencies I experienced during our session are still doing their thing, making me joyfully anticipate the coming changes that are unfolding before my eyes.

I recommend Katie because she knows how to help you go through multiple layers of yourself. Layers you sometimes cannot go through (easily) on your own. She does a great job preparing you for the journey, sets a clear intention and makes sure you are comfortable so that you are able to receive clearer guidance from your own Higher Parts. Not just for the session itself, but also for afterwards, when you resume your daily life.”

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