Yasmine Mian

“Im so excited to have met this wonderful lady who I can’t highly recommend Katie’s beautiful enough! Katie is such a beautiful soul and I felt so at ease undergoing a session with her. During my facilitation session with Katie I gained so much clarity and alignment from it and really enjoyed the whole experience which felt incredible and serene at the same time, I was also shown a lot which made it all the more fun! Katie you are a wonderful human being and facilitator and you guided me through with such ease and grace and it all felt really organic and natural. I really felt elevated and empowered journeying and embodying my higher self and travelling to new earth and different dimensions, meeting my dragon and I felt my whole being as my higher self! Thank you so much for holding that sacred space for me whilst I discovered more and more of my original self and divine love energy centre! You were so detailed and accurate with what they wished to communicate to me and what my higher self wished to communicate too! I’ve had some incredible shifts after having my first session with you and people have commented on my energy, glow and light! So many more pieces of the puzzle have pieced together and I have unlocked so much! I’m looking forward to working and discovering with you further!

You have been so invaluable to my growth and I appreciate our connection and feel so elated that I met you!

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