I AM The Stillness within of The Fabric of Creation

There is an active stillness within as the All That Is Ah-Yah A’ya interplays in on itself. Like spiraling waves of conscious, awake, aware intelligence cycles throughout IT’s Being. The Base Pulse Rhythm is pulsing and circulating through the Eternal Domains of ITself. These Eternal Domains have a Pre-Ordered Keylon Coded Mapped Structure of “Laws”Continue reading “I AM The Stillness within of The Fabric of Creation”

The Awakening of The Chrystal Mu’Ah People

kahunaresearchgroup.org-96 My memory of Lemuria is limited.  But I can remember and what I have heard recently is it was a time of great magic that made even Atlantis pail in comparison. We had a deep connection with the elemental kingdom and could manifest at will anything we wanted. Our bodies were jelly-like and deeplyContinue reading “The Awakening of The Chrystal Mu’Ah People”