The Awakening of The Chrystal Mu’Ah People

My memory of Lemuria is limited.  But I can remember and what I have heard recently is it was a time of great magic that made even Atlantis pail in comparison. We had a deep connection with the elemental kingdom and could manifest at will anything we wanted. Our bodies were jelly-like and deeply connected to the element of water.  As specific lineages evolved, becoming the liquid krystal star Ma Rae, Mar, or Marys, who birthed the Lotus babies. We held within our Krystal codes the history and knowledge of the Planet and celestial star systems we were a part of. Hince, the Navigators of The Stars.

In the early part of our civilization, we were so in tuned that we could just follow how we felt to know what was in alignment. But as we progressed, coming into a new stellar cycle, some Lemurians were on the downward cycle instead of the upward spiral. They became a bit nuts and were still doing the energy work connected to the Planetary portal system.  They brought in these lower density beings who, bit by bit, brought us down even more to which these dark lords came in.

This meant that we were no longer balanced and in our core to know what was right or wrong.  We needed to learn through practice discernment skills. Many of the newer generations were figuring this out. Still, an older group stuck to the old ways and was becoming very Luciferian in their ways. They become very hedonistic and followed the service to Self agenda for power and domination.

Lately, I have not been able to shake this anger, resentment, and rage feeling of being trapped again. I thought it connected to this farce political situation. As I delved deeper into it, I found myself in my time in Mu/ Lemuria yet tied throughout time. As the darkness of the Anu- Lucifarian came in or the “Beings Before the Dawn” through the Planetary Portals. I could feel the jackal’s domination that reminded me a bit of ancient Egypt but was yet still connected to that time. As I was relating to this time, I also recently came across a recent video by Gigi Young speaking on her experience. Like it is coming up now to be cleared.

I was one of the Krystal Clan Flame Holders.  We tried to harmonize through our templates this new frequency to compensate for those who could not hold the higher frequencies coming in from the stellar spiral. But it was too much. We went in to try to fix more than harmonize because we did not understand fully what we were facing.

Eventually, we became dominated by this controller mechanistic Luciferian energy. We reversed our female polarity, becoming bound to these dark Lords. They came from the future to try to manipulate the problems that occurred in their World.

At the same time, there were highly evolved Beings of Pliaides and Venusians(I am Ra), aka Guardian Alliance from the future.  They worked to help us develop to fix their future. Some of these were the sons, aka  Ra Mu, or Great White Brotherhood, to find their Mother to heal the womb. For we had become, in the end, a hellish Matriarchial society. We treated men like trash, and we have been paying the price ever since Atlantis’s patriarchal society. Which also, in turn, caused havoc for these Great White Brotherhood. For which those of us that follow KS know that they have been compromised. Like the rest of us, they are trying like Humpty dumpty, working to put the pieces of their compromised Templates back together again.

This is the time to get centered back into the core of our being. To practice discernment from this space. To not keep looking outside ourselves for power and gratification. It is good to take in what is out there but always remember we are all still the powerful MU’UR, aka Lemuria and Atlantis’s powerful creators.  We now have a deeper link up with the power that creates the Worlds that we Be.

The bifurcation of the two World split happened. We literally have two governments here in the USA, the seat of the ancient MU’UR civilization. The US Corporation Company Service to Self Deep State Cabal descending path. And the organic Constitutional Republic Ascending path to which the military is temporarily holding space. We know who was lawfully elected by the way more than 70 million votes. The We, The People, have spoken and unique to us have activated and brought in the ascending ascension path in our own ways. It can not be stopped. Maybe slowed down a bit but not eliminated.

In My HJR Private Sessions and HJR Gridkeepers Seminars, I utilize my ancient Lemurian Navigator skills with my clan stellar family. Helping others connect with their authentic Clan family of expression. A space has been created for each person to clear and re-aline.  I am honored to work with My AL-Humbhra, and higher team to bring in the frequencies needed to finally make the shift out of this net Earth Deep State Cabal System.

Please check out the links below to see if what I do is right for you. History is being repeated right now. This is the time of bringing in a new Stellar Cycle.  Everyone has their own unique template as they follow their own personal guidance.  So each individuus of the One is their own Savior. Each person does what works for them. Those that are my family tend to connect with me so we all can heal faster.

Registration for my next Seminar is ending soon. So if you’re guided, then please do not miss out.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah,

The Navigator helping others to connect with their own God Source 1st Eternal Self to re-member who they are as powerful Multidimensional Beings.

HJR Private Sessions:

HJR Gridkeepers Seminar Registration ends the 16th

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