Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha’Nitah: Releasing The Ancestral Burdens Binding us to Net Earth

The fifth Chevron Pulse came through May 20th, 2021. Yes right around the time some psychics predicted something was going to unplug us from the Deep State aka Net Earth, Moon Band.

Many are saying what is a chevron? There are a lot of technicals from the KDDL 3 by E’Asha Arhayas of Arhayas Productions. I will just briefly say this pulse comes from the Eternal Core of Source itself. There appears to be a great Protector or as I have come to know the Cloak of The Eternal One’s connected to this energy. This energy has come in part to break up the Trumpet Pulses.

The Trumpet pulses which naturally are supposed to be a good thing have been reversed. Meaning reversing the natural organic Personal and Planetary Chakra Activations for Ascension to become an artificial Deep State aka “C” A.I.  descending path.

This means there is both the organic 5D and an artificial R5D. So just because a group claims they are connecting to 5D Earth doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Many have referenced this as the Two World split or bifurcation.

This is where discernment is important and stepping into your personal power is so important. You have to discern the energies for yourself. HJR Seminars is committed to helping people to wake up to their authentic Spirit connection to grab the steering wheel of their life to become discerning of what is right for each individuus of The One.

There is the added HJR Gridkeeper component of working with each person’s Clan Family and how that connection intertwines with The Ancestors of Blood, Bone, and Stars. I hope you enjoy this journey in connecting with you as you unplug from the artificial Matrix to reconfigure your Brain Plug to replug back into the Organic Eternal Matrix.

I had trouble loading the videos to YouTube. I was able to get my introduction video to load but not the Journey. So the Google Drive journey link is below and in the YouTube link below too.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’ She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR Navigator helping others to connect with their Personal Clan Family, as multidimensional Beings.

Handout to prepare for Introductory Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Session: https://harmonizingjourney.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/harmonizing-journey-to-re-alignment-introductory-session.edited.pdf

HJR Journey Link part II: https://drive.google.com/file/d/152ZN76HKomwV2Ujcscboa1VCtPbHPJ6M/view?usp=drivesdk

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