Reconnecting with the Organic Holographic Earth Records a Harmonizing Journey With Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

Be careful of being caught up in Dogma or finite rigid mindsets. These “Mind Sets” can trap us. Even the good ones because we become dependent on them. We stop tuning in to our breath, feeling the unified / Morphogenetic field moving through us. Like we did as a young child.

We can navigate using our breath in “free flow,” feeling this vibratory oscillating frequency pulsing through us. Allowing life to be as we “Is” through it.

We are IT, so what feels genuinely good aligns with the All That is God Source 1st Eternal. What doesn’t “feel” right to us is going against who we are. Meaning living in Fininte 2nd Creation Mechanics

Be careful of getting caught up in the rigid dogma of religion or societal Laws or “Group Think.” We tend to give our power of discernment away. Our ability to navigate through the Unified Field / Morphogenetic Field of life. We are then vulnerable to “Mind Control” technology, whatever form it may take.

The Reconfiguring of the Brain Plug

As I have spoken before in the last month, we are in the process of disengaging from the old artificial Net Earth Matrix Mind Control system and are in the process of “Reconfiguring The Brain Plug.” Keeping in mind the Brain is not just in your head but includes your spine all the way down into your root chakra that naturally plugs into the Planet’s Root Chakra at Earth’s core. In KS, we call it the Biofeed Interface System.

This Brain Plug has many different parts to its plug. So we are bit by bit unplugging a piece to reconfigure or unplug and then plug back into a system that can reconfigure back to its organic state. We have all been plugged into an artificial 2nd Creation finite Matrix for thousands of years. We would go nuts unplugged because we have trained our minds to follow dogma orders outside of ourselves instead of teaching ourselves to surf the Unified Field / Morphogenetic field of life.

Part of this artificial Net System is located on the moon. KS mentions it, and other esoteric like Astrotheosophy by Rudolph Steiner teachings refer to the moon keeping us locked into the Earth plane. Unable to ascend to the next etheric stage of evolution until we are initiated through. Egyptian mythology refers to “the heart becoming as light as a feather.” So not a new concept where everyone has their own perspective of this moon connection.

Lately, I have been guided to listen to Megan Rose, a remote psychic viewer working with the Pleiadians. I have been following a few others connecting to this particular Pleiadian group. As far as I can figure, they are working with the “White Hats” and are part of The Guardian Alliance. So far, I have not heard anything from them that gives me a red flag. But if anyone knows anything, I don’t. Please let me know in the comments below.

Apparently, during the 4th of July weekend, according to Megan Rose, we were unplugged from the Moons Mind Control system and then plugged back into a temporary system designed by this Pleiadian group and probably the Guardian Alliance themselves. This new system is designed to slowly connect the mind back into the organic matrix.

Ok, looking at my own experience of that weekend. I had felt like I was being separated from my template. I worked with the energy in the Pod space and eventually felt a shift and actually feel better now. I talked to a few friends that said the same.

According to Megan Rose’s intel, we have two other underground Satellite mind Control Bases. This past Friday, I listened to Gigi Young’s Q & A session on my way home. Someone was asking her about the Sasquatch. I was like, oh ya, I have not communicated with them in a while. I live in a rural area, so I feel their presence often. They are also part of my Guardian team, and they tune in periodically in group sessions.

Right away, I could feel the male presence that was very loving. I then was shown the females behind him. A grandmother’s presence showed me that their lineage is strong in many of the old families in the community. One in particular that I know of.

Then they showed me psychically a place underground where there was an ancient rock formation. Then this rock formation was quickly covered up by what felt like a satellite of some sort. I then spaced and couldn’t focus on it when I tried to see where it was located. But did get a sense there are these rock formations all over the Earth Plane.

Later I focused again on it, asking how we were connected to it. I saw people’s hair go on end like when your hair sticks up with static electricity, but they showed it really exaggerated. Making me understand this satellite connects with our hair antennas. Then I spaced again.

Later in the evening, Magan Rose had done her own video on this Mind Control Satalite base in New Mexico. I knew the timing was perfect because I had my HJR Gridkeepers Seminar class the next day. I did not know yet what we would do, but I knew it would be good.

Needless to say, we did way more than I thought we would do. We connected with the original Stone people who created the stone construction beneath the Satellite and began the process of disengaging this artificial Satellite and connecting with the original organic stone structure governing the Earth’s holographic matrix. This structure includes the hall of records for the Earth Plane and much more. There are interfaces throughout the Earth Plane.

The attached Journey below was very compelling as more information was brought through. Even my Sascquach friends took part in reconnecting with Earth’s Organic Holographic Hall of Records. This session also reinforces what the Guardians are doing every time someone takes part. Also can’t help but think you will begin to surf and navigate your way through the Unified Field of Life a whole heck of a lot better.

HJR Audio Introduction:

HJR Introductory PDF Hand out:

Reconnecting with Earths Organic Holographic Records a Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha Nitah: Sa

***Side Note***This has been a significant issue for those new and old to KS concerned with not wanting to do light bodywork before activating their plasma body. People who do the Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment (HJR) Introductory session activate their Organic Plasma body.

I am not saying to not complete the Aug 2013 technique from The Arhayas Productions website. It is a protocol requirement to do E’Asha’s work, but it is not a protocol to do HJR work. Both techniques get you to the same place. Both work with the AL-Hum-Bhra, and both work with the Plasma Spirit Body Mechanics.

The Aug 2013 technique was the first activation to connect with your Organic Plasma Body. Without this technique and the science that followed it Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment, never would have been born. Both our works go hand in hand, in my opinion. I know that is a bold statement, and again I am in no way affiliated with Arhayas Productions. I just use the work in my own unique way with my AL-Hum-Bhra team.

Anyone interested in doing an HJR Introductory Session and /or Attending my upcoming Sept 2021 six-month HJR Gridkeepers Seminar series, see links below. Also, Aug 7th will be my HJR Gridkeepers Skype Q&A session. Details in HJR Seminar Series link below.

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