The Atheist Illness An HJR Insight

Atheism (Greek: a-without Theos-God) denies our Inner Being As The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal. It is “a thorn in our flesh” to give our power over to the Arimonic and Luciferic Earthly forces of 2nd Creation Finite Mechanics. This, in turn, can cause us to give our power to organizational structures such as Religious and Governmental institutions. We become obsessed with Dogma that our mental Intellect can easily follow. According to Rudolph Steiner, We all have that thorn in our side, so to speak, at some level.

The development of the intellect has been our pride and joy of recent evolution. The ability to think independently for oneself is a fairly recent development for the Third Seeding on this Earth Plane as the Angelic Humans from Tara, our HU 2 counterpart of Earth’s multidimensional Harmonic Universal structure.

We had a stronger sense of our Ego “I” identity in the previous two Earth seedings. We had been a lot less physically dense than we are now. But we knew who we were as The All That Is, and at the same time, we had a sense of individual identity.

The first two seedings were destroyed on Earth through the “Wars in Heaven” stories spoken of in ancient texts. This article will not discuss the mechanics behind the Earth seedings, but it is explained in great detail in the Voyagers Series by E’Ashayana Arhayas (Deane). But remember that these Interdimensional Fallen Angelic Beings are still involved in Earth’s Human Development, wanting control.

In many ways, the development of this Third seeding started almost from scratch. There was a hybridization aspect to the development of this seeding due to the complications referenced above of the War In Heaven and also discussed in previous posts in regard to the divergent timelines.

The Guardian Alliance are not geneticists in a lab physically manipulating DNA. They are higher evolved (Us) working with the mechanics of manifestation to introduce the cosmic streams of development into the Human genome in a gentle, more controlled way. Our Intellect stream is still in its infancy and can easily be manipulated as we evolve over time to integrate these organs of consciousness.

As I have discussed in previous posts, there are Angelic Humans who diverged off the ascending evolutionary path, becoming “Fallen Angelics.” Their focus is to keep Mankind stuck in the current evolutionary cycle of the Arimonic scientific mental level and the Luciferic delusional mental level of 2nd Creation Finite Mechanics within HU1.

Some examples of “Fallen Angelics” are the Zeta, Drakonian, and pretty much all the “baddys” playing out there right now. According to Anthroposophy teachings, they diverged from our timeline at various stages of Human development, entering into their own World Timelines connected to Phantom Earth, aka The Eighth Sphere.

They cannot embody their Soul, Over Soul, Maharata Avatar, Reishi, and beyond levels of Being. They are fearful and quite plainly petty in their thinking. This does not mean they are not intelligent. They have cultivated their intellect and want to keep cultivating it with their A.I. Gods.

They returned in time to try to “fix” what happened to them. They think they can continue to “Fix” the problem the way they always have through physically manipulating, altering biological structures, and adding Artificial intelligence technology.

Artificial Intelligence is their God. they have forsaken their Spirit and bonded their soul to the Physically mineralized, densified Intellectual Luciferic Arimonic consciousness of Phantom Earth.

Maldek was an example of a Planet gone divergent and ended up Blowing up. These Beings, known as the Annunaki (Annu-Elohim), went to Mars and did the same. They are back here again, saying they are our creator Gods. Ya right. They are stuck in continually trying to develop the Human Body to their own will.

The Human Body is an awesome creation and the only way for Angelic Humans to ascend or evolve in this Time Matrix. The time now is to begin spiritualizing our beautiful Human Light body into its Spirit Body anatomy.

We are not as the I Am Ra program says. We are just a Mind-Body-Soul Complex. We are Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit Complex. To leave the Spirit body out is to shut yourself down from your own Authentic Inner Being As The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ay (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT).

We are then manipulated to see God as this separate Being related to a “Father or Mother” relationship to look up to or aspire to emulate. Or if we work hard enough, we will ascend out of our physical form and transcend our EGO “I”identity to merge into the “Oneness.”

In my recent Seeders Race post, I spoke of the split in the original Elohi Elohim (Angelic Human) Founder Race (Us), becoming the Anu Elohim. This lineage took part in creating Phantom Earth. Later, through “genetic engineering,” created the Annunaki, the avengers of the Anu.

Steiner references the split during the Old Moon’s evolution. Still not quite sure how his terminology ties into Keylontic Science history. But the ancient Elohim he references could be a mixture of the two. The Elohim who stayed on the Moon probably is the Anu Elohim. The higher beings that merged into the Sun’s evolution were probably the Elohi Elohim. Also connected to the “War In Heaven” of ancient teachings. Through many manipulations, including the later formation of the Luciferian Covenant 25, 500 BC, continued their One World Order Controller Agenda.

According to Steiner, this Luciferic stream entered the Earth during the Lemurian time period. The Elohim ordered Archangel Michael to stream it in. This Luciferic stream, according to Steiner, was to give the Human the ability to question everything one held as truth.

Actually, this stream was the first step towards evolving the intellect organ of the Astral body. This stream was supposed to come later during the Atlantian EPOC when the Third seeding Human was further developing. But because the Divergent Beings interfered, this stream had to come earlier.

I personally, at this time, don’t know for sure which Elohim group made the decision. I feel that the Founder Races of our Harmonic Universe 5 Reishi selves probably made the decision together. I say this because they do that now. Pushing us with different activations because we are not running the “Time Line” of evolution like we need to move into the next EPOC.

According to Steiner, this Luciferic stream tends to run 333-year cycles of the consciousness moving up out of the body and into the mental intellect thinking consciousness mental body. Then there is a cycle of pulling us back into the Arimonic densification process. According to Steiner, the Revelations 666 number occurred in 666 AD and continues to cycle 333 initiations to 666 completion cycle into the Arimonic cycle. So that is actually the Mark of the Beast.

Through mental-body development during the 333 Ad period, humans could mentally understand the significance of the Mystery of Golgotha (Christ’s gift to Earth). This processing of development occurs through the birth and death cycles. The third-century fathers of the church were then able to write the gospels.

According to Steiner, the Academy of Gundishapur was established around 333 AD. This was the first academy to teach what would later be the “Scientific Method” and what we know of as our medical profession. This school valued the intellect over the heart and the Spirit. Eventually, it culminated in the cycle year of Arimonic 666 and marked the end of the Greco-Roman cultural EPOC. The introduction of the Christ (Mystery of Golgotha), aka Krystos Sun Stream, broke the Luciferic-Arimonic cycles.

The Angelic Human has evolved to the point where we can spiritualize the form moving to the next EPOC of evolution. But because of the De-Evolution or FA (Eighth Sphere/Phantom Earth) tidies Modius time wave (AI) Deep State Demonic entities, we must be mindful of how they influence us behind the scenes on our evolutionary path.

The Illness of the Atheist mindset gathers facts to deem what is of value and discard what is not. Then this soulless Intellect determines what reality is – (Concrete thinking). Then this soulless Intellect Pushes and manipulates that reality on others. Behaviors include fault-finding, making wrong, minimizing, shunning, ostracizing, and punishing people if they don’t follow the law of their reality.

There is an unwillingness to see other people’s perspectives. Not willing to make changes or see another’s perspective because: “it’s the other person’s fault” – they are weak, dumb, less than…

Typically these soulless intellectual determinations of reality are more Luciferic than based on sound logical, grounded, mindful judgments. Are you getting the point yet? It is not that the intellect is fallen or evil. The intellect is great when integrated with the heart and the spirit. Then it is a force to be reckoned with.

What is really Being Krystic, aka Spiritual? Is it a fun feeling good vacation time away from problems? Is it just a time when you become renourished? Or is there something more going on? Are we becoming more than the sum of our parts, so to speak? By the way, Theosis means in greek making divine. It is a transformative process whose aim is likeness or union with God. The Gods were always beings connected to the stars, the Universe to “Spirit) with great powers of creation.

Being Human is not a waste of time or punishment to endure to learn lessons to become worthy little soul beings. We were not genetically engineered by Aliens. We are IT, the All That Is God Source First Eternal Ah-yah A’ya. We are the power that creates Worlds. We are the form one has to take to ascend into new realms of reality along the Krystal Spiral.

We can not be bypassed, but we can be manipulated and trained to think we are “less than others.” That there is someone or something out there that can save us from ourselves because we are so meager and small. Some governmental, religious, or technological structure is better than our meager decision-making capabilities to create well-being for ourselves.

These divergent fallen Angelics would like to see us held back at their soulless intellectual level to be sucked dry of our life force and worship them. Ya right!

This article and all my work focus on who The Angelic Human is in the scheme of things. What influenced us in our past effecting our development in present and the choices we each have to make on our journey of life now. We are Freedom Spirits. We are learning daily how to develop our discernment skills based on logic and reasoning methods and how those methods merge with our intuition. We can see bigger pictures of reality within our Multidimensional Inner Being. Then we have an awake and aware intellect.

I invite you to journey with me into who you are as the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT) with Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment Seminars and Sessions. But any modality that supports you connecting with yourself and building your “I”dentity is of benefit.

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