The Life of The Elementi a Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

What are the Elementi or, as we commonly call Elementals aka Partiki aka the Forces of Nature? Nature Being “The basic or inherent features of something, especially when seen as characteristic of it,” web Oxford dictionary.

Elementi is complex Keylon coded conscious awareness grids of Light – Sound- Oneness. The first manifestation of the Light Body Construct that eventually becomes the physical Nature that we know. It is the 1st manifest structure to birth out of the Kin-servitory.

Most organic forms are huge complex Keylon coded Ah-yah A’ya God Source 1st Eternal expressions in their truest form. They designed themselves bit by bit. In the Eternal Now of Being, there is a place all the variations or alternatives abide. Still creating finding ways to further their evolution in other domains.

What is their purpose? They are the building blocks of Creation as the Source ITself Ah-yah A’ya at ITs purest form.

Source or the All That Is continuously choosing as these huge complex Keylon coded Elementi to develop the “I” as it differentiates ITself into denser states. This was an evolutionary decision based on many ideas, experiences, feelings, awareness, and curiosities. Many, many, many calculated “what ifs” of probabilities to densify within its “Being.”The desire was too strong not to expand into this deeper “I” of possibility within IT’s own Eternal Mind.

Side Note: As we traverse the Eternal Core of Source, may we find other Source Beings? But for our reality, there is only one Eternal Mind of The All That Is because we are in it.

Pre-Atlantian -Lumarian: We knew of the Hu-man form as the water womb light man. An Elementi gelly-like being whose souls floated in and out of its body cocreating with other like-minded Elementi. An orchestra of Light-Sound-One dancing together. A very loving cooperative relationship they had with each other.

Post-Atlantian times: The time of the EGO-Individuation ”solidity”. The Crashing of the Suspension Field Bridge aired in the EPOC of harnessing what became the lower Elementals. No longer except in very private instances did we have the floating soul Elementi dancing together co-creatively. Now was the evolution of Artificial Finite Intelligence that became disconnected from its root core of perpetual renewal of life. They had to learn how to sustain and maintain by using their intellectual whits alone in a very primitive environment. The time of the intellect and mechanization to harness power/ will/ soul/ Spirit fire for personal means was issued in.

The Zodiac became the Karmic Wheel of Life that, as of yet not many can get off. The wheel was tied to the ancient moon. Which now held the Etheric Karmic Life of The Earth Plane cycles of the Spirit of the Elementi Mental Pain and sorrow body. This connection also interplayed through certain Earth cycles of the Earth’s Etheric Karmic blueprint to be held in the various etheric Planetary structures in this Time Matrix. Mars, Venus, and Mercury for example.

This ancient Moon held within its core structure the organic Elementi Stone Holographic Records of Earth’s origins. The Light Body BluePrint design guides us out of this Earth plane. I have a feeling the Amenti gates are somehow connected. The Ancient Egyptians called it “The Heart becoming Light as a Feather.”

Today’s Moon still holds these records, Until recently were held under an artificial Satillight Mind Control Machine and structure that artificially terraformed to it that further kept us trapped in the Karmic Wheel instead of supporting us to lighten our hearts back into being joyful as Light as a Feather.

This modified Moon has been used to harness the Elementi to become lower Elementals to do the bidding of this new “ManKind.” This included all upper and lower dominions of this time matrix. These different dominions were all in some way affected.

Once the Nature spirits all co-created the day and night, other functions were now Enchanted during the waxing Moon and then trapped within the weaning Moon. The Moon still had Angelic Beings who never birthed onto Earth that did not fall but now had to harness their fellow Elementals for the Earth plane to still be a viable place to live.

These ancient trapped Elementi, now Elementals, still move and flow as they are designed into other life forms. Our bodies are made up of these Elementals. The whole Holographic Light Body Program here is based on this Elemental Life. The flow tends to move with the Moons cycles but is not fixed on these cycles.

Depending on where a person’s overall Vibratory Tonal Signature is located governs the kind of elementals that flow in and whether they will be released at a person’s passing or are taken with them to their next life. Some examples of these emotional D2 Elemental beings could be joy, happiness all the way to fear, anger, resentment…

These grouped elementals, over time, have become ancestral benefits and burdens. They have affected Ancestors of place, causing certain areas to have certain karmic energy. Why one neighborhood may be more successful than another. For example, in Savanah, Ga, many people have come here to make changes and tend to get kicked out. She changes at her own time and space, LOL. Generational Karma would be another example. For instance, change seems to flow better in one EPOC rather than another is governed by these Elementi, both trapped and untapped. The Mesas in the South West are full of Ancestors of place with both their benefits and burdens.

Releasing The Trapped Elementi: The Cloak of The Eternal Ones

The disconnection is huge now between Hu-Man and the Earth Elementals of Fire, Water, Air, and Cristal/Earth. Even what we know of the ancient Bendi is colored with this Enchanting or Alluring of the Elementals. The Keylontic Code we use to heal the elementals on Earth, particularly our bodies, is called the “Allura” Rasha(light fire)ton code.

Interestingly smoke can allure or enchant Elemental Spirits and has been used by many ancient and modern cultures to cleanse away unwanted spirits or even harness the spirits, aka elementals. Probably the elementals attached to the spirit soul. Mist can do something which is probably leftover from Lemurian co-creative times.

The Cloak of The Eternal Ones Aka “The Great Protector” who are Elementi creator spirits at Sources purest form. They are connected to an Albino Aquari Earth Tribe from the 2nd seeding connected to Jeshua 12, aka Christ lineage, working with the Sasquatch, the AL-Hum-bhra, and others to be able to create a Yhu Rha-Dha Transplanial platform (See KDDL 3 for details). This platform is connected into the Krystal Caverns, within which the Krystal Bridgeway/ Intrical Bridge and 7 Bridges flow.

They are you at your purest form to free all their Trapped Elementi family. This is why they come in a water vapor mist form that enchants your elemental body. They literally cloak each elemental Cell, atom, Partiki transfiguring them back to their organic state. The ones inorganic to you leave back to their home. The ones naturally organic to your light Body Structure organically realign your Light body structure. Those cleared areas within now empty. You bringing more of your organic Spirit expression to fill your light body structure.

This is why during a session, you feel lighter, more loving, at peace, and able to traverse sticky situations. The more you re-align these twisted, trapped reversed Elementals, the more clarity you have to see you. This energy moves in wave-like formation, particularly when releasing deep traumas.

That is why I tend to say “moving backwards and forwards in and out spiraling, Spiralling, releasing, Realigning, Recalibrating.” Then we do the Pillar recharging cleansing breath to further clear and release and recharge your field structure with the AL-Hum-Bhra Golden Silver Pillar of Peace/ Elaisan energies.

When the split occurred, the D2 Elemental Emotional Body and the D3 Holographic Body split into a conscious and unconscious mind. Traumas tend to get held in the subconscious mind, oblivious to the conscious mind. When the trauma comes to the surface of the conscious mind, the white water vapor can connect and bring it out. The Floating Buddhas help out in this process as well. Gently but lovingly, shifts are made bit by bit. Trying to force the release of traumas does not work so well.

Also, keep in mind as you are feeling deep-seated family Burden traumas. Most of what you are feeling are not yours. You are feeling these ancient trapped family elementals. So know that whatever intensity that you might be feeling, you can’t handle. You can because once you release the “added Burden,” you can clearly see the real facts of the event. You can then learn from it and let it go thanking the experience. Pains and sorrows soften us opening our mental intellect to be compassionate loving. As The All That Is Created, this allows this newfound intellect to expand into our organic Eternal expression.

As you release your traumas that tend to be tied to your Burdens, also release them from your biological ancestral lineage. There is, in turn, an effect on any Ancestors of Place that you are connected.

Life is Timeless. These different stages of evolution have been repeated in different Harmonic Universes, cycles… All Taking place now. Nothing is truly lost. But as powerful Elementi Beings, we can sure make ourselves think so.

The SEPAs of “Being in a state of perpetual Appreciation Now” and Trust in Life Now” embody’s the state we must be in to make our way free of Elemental Burdens through the gateway to the next awakened state of evolution, aka New Earth Now. Thank you today for listening and hope you gain something from the Journey. Even the Ha-tur-rs (the white Persian cat people) held space for those connected to them.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR Navigator helping others to connect with their Multidimensional Clan family.

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