The Freedom Spirits A Harmonizing Journey With Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

This post might hit a nerve both positively and negatively. Maybe I am right, and maybe not? It is all perspective of each person’s viewpoint. I hope you gain something from mine and share in a loving, positive way your perspective as well. My goal as Humpty Dumpty is to put my pieces back together again. So that I can move forward up and along the Krystal Spiral of Life.

As much as we would like to go back to the way we came into this time matrix. We can’t go on many levels. Not just because the way is no longer functioning. It is no longer functioning for many reasons. One, in particular, is the old spiral cycle has ended. We no longer cycle with the in-breath and out-breath of the traditional water-man Hu-man or creature of water light of Lemurian and Atlantian times.

As the Eternal Mind of the All That is on the leading edge of creation, we are now ready to take the next leap in evolution. The I Am identity is now at a new level of development. We are humanity who stretched its boundaries through the evolution of its intellect. We can now bring together the Earthly “taste it touch it visceral” experience with the light body to the Spirit body evolution.

No longer do we just follow what The Eternal Mind of the All That Is, aka God Head Says to do. We can pick and choose. We even figured out how to expand on the altering by the God Head of the light body structure creating 2nd Creation Finite Mechanics with its associated Fibonacci Spiral and Tube Torus construct that we have today. Who knows, maybe we will actually master creation in a way that brings us back into the organic in-breath and out-breath of perpetual renewal?

We can begin connecting fully into the organic 1st Creation Program by releasing the trapped Elementi within our Astral Bodies (see The Life of The Elementi a Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah). These trapped Elementi Powers have also been known as the Luciferian (Lower Passions) Powers that we embodied initially during Lemurian and Atlantian times. These powers became twisted demonic entities by the God Head ITself to create an environment to which we disconnected from the Eternal Mind of the All that Is God Source 1st Eternal. These powers can only act from the Mind of The God Head. In other words, they have no free will choice.

This disconnection allowed us to evolve the Eternal Spirit “I” in each individuus own unique Intellectual way. For the most part, in my opinion, Western Civilization is the manifestation of this newly mechanized evolved intellect or “Ahriman”. The problem being is there was no Love or Eternal heart in this mechanized manifestation. What can bring the heart of Love Spirit back?

The Christ Consciousness, in my opinion, is the true Krystos Avatar within all of us. The Christ story that we know is a twisted farce of the original story, but enough of it made it through our fallen twisted Earth Plane to express many truths. But keep in mind 2nd Creation Finite Mechanics runs on a reversed plane from the natural organic in breath and out breath 1st Creation Mechanics. So the “Christ Consciousness and its associated 5D is what most of us receive in the mainstream narrative.

This false light Christ Consciousness says you are a child of this male God to whom you have to make amends because you sinned before you were even born. You are small and powerless. Accept for what God or Christ does for you… Any time you try to stand in your power, you are looked at as sinful and bad. You are a good little worker bee. I will not say more than that except who would benefit from that.

The Christ consciousness, or more accurately the Krystos within, is our salvation to connecting back with the core of our Inner Being As The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya. Through the bible teachings, as rudimentary as they are, they have given many people the opportunity to break the cycle of the self-centered distorted I functioning from the lower Luciferian powers.

Now we can at least, according to Astrotheosophy, have the ability to choose to embrace (take action) Love, Truth, Freedom, Unity, and Justice as the creator Gods. We no longer just follow the God Heads programming to love. We can choose to love or hate deeply. We are of the new 10th Hierarchy of development.

Right now, we are babies of this new hierarchy and still have a lot to learn as we traverse this spiraling Epoch of evolution. Until once again, we breathe back into the Eternal Core Center of Being, leaving a part of us behind as newly birthed hierarchial fledglings of Evolution.

We now have the “I” Spirit free to flow back into the Krystos Avatar self to clear, re-align, and re-calibrate, setting free the trapped demonic Luciferian Elementi to express in their organic state again and possibly develop their own “I” of Identity. We can choose to shine deeply our love of life into everything we touch.

These fallen Angelic Luciferians, as the God Head’s Powers, could only enter the Astral Bodies of Humans to follow their script of expressing as lower passions. They gave us the idea of erroring or doing evil. Evil Being the reverse to live. So the ability to choose opposite action against the Divine Godhead seems to be ours. I think they would like us to think the opposite. Hmm, interesting???

Also in Astrotheosophy during each new Epoch, higher dimensional Beings come in to help out the new fledgling souls. We sure have some higher Beings that have come in to help us out. I would say these higher beings are one’s that, in their own time matrix, experienced much of the development of the “I” and are now helping us do the same in our Time Matrix. Like coming from the future to help out, right!!!

This Krystos is not a leader, teacher, or controller. IT is the firstborn of many or Blueprint, the helper guide through the experiential tuning into your Eternal Being. Then expressing from that core center out to the periphery of the outer realms of the Light Body structure. We truly then become our power as creators. No longer creating mindlessly by default. We now begin to mindfully create from an awakened state of “I” Being. Some may call it 5D and beyond. Bearing in mind, all 5D means is we made it past the Net Earth Band and 4D distortions. Allowing one to have access to all dimensional realms up. It is not this Garden of Eden end point if you are really good.

We can come to trust who we are and can now move forward instead of moving backward, looping back on ourselves, creating a chaotic retrograde PTSD Syndrome. We can only move forward utilizing the Natural Laws aka Keylontic Science- mechanics of Manifestation to create new Neural Network Pathways that now organically align with the Eternal Mind of the All That Is aka Bi Pass System.

The New Bi Pass System, aka Intrical Bridge/ Krystal Bridge Way/ 7 Bridges Flows is, in my opinion, part of this newly evolved evolution of the Spirits of Freedom Hu-Man Hierarchy. Right now, we are at a key juncture in creating a New Earth, aka Yhu RhA Yha Earth. My name can be added to a number of others such as Penny Kelli and Magenta Pixie who understand this new step in evolution.

Added Note: It is important to make a distinction between the soul entering the body and the body itself. There is a lot of science in the integration or evolution of the soul/Spirit into the Hu-Man. This is for another day.

Today’s HJR Group session focused on mindfully experiencing the Freedom Spirits Connection within the Crystal Caverns and Pod Space with the Ancestors of Bone, Blood, and Stars. When you make the Journey, you will connect to the time-space reality created in this journey. Those who choose to continue working in the Chrystal Caverns will be assigned a Guardian helper to work personally within the Caverns. There are strict protocols to work in this space until we are 100% responsible for what we manifest.

I hope you choose to join our HJR Gridkeepers Seminar series this Fall. Also, check out Arhayas Productions going straight to the horse’s mouth where the mechanics came from for the Bi Pass System and the development of New Earth. Also again I am in no way affiliated with Arhayas Productions. I utilize the mechanics in my own unique Guardian way.

Again hope that you are guided to take an active Gridkeepers role in our Seminar in Creating mindfully New Earth Now. Registration for Fall Session ends September 1st.

Private Sessions are available for those who are not ready for a group situation but have personal work they want to do One On One. The Introductory Session and then On Going Private sessions as needed to heal and expand.

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