The Rainbow – Sun Krystal – Matrix Speakers & The 180 Degree Pole Reversal September 2021 Equinox

The Rainbow – Sun Krystal – Matrix Speakers includes the Krys-Ta-LA, Haah-TUr Reisha LAe (Inner Hub Domain)(HHCC), AdonA, EyanA,  Eiyani, Elohei, and MCEO Councels.  This council came in 2006 – 2009 to bring in The Return of The Rainbow Bearers and the Ancient “UnSpoken Ones” of the Krys-ta-LA council from the Eckasha-Aah Krystallah core.  This Krys-ta-LA council had come into this Le-Etora matrix before the fall of Tara 550 MYA when Earth was U-rtha. 

This Rainbow Council worked with us to run the Ta-KEy-on cycle and accompanying Tauren Light Seed Activation and opening of the Diamond Door to prepare for the Dec 2017  Ecka Zero point “Diamond Sun Chariot of Fire”  Crystal Body activation.  These activations had been to draw the salvaged Veca and Earth through the final 180- degree Magnetic pole reversal to Pass through the Khemalohetea Ecka center flame Cruxsansatea “Window” into the new probability time of this the heroic probability of the parallel Le-AdorA Eckasha – Ecka-Veca system to move into the Trans-Eckasha probability mainline (Ecka-Veca) to the core objective of the Polarian hosted Starburst Response.

The Haah-TUr Reisha LAe (HHCC) or, as I like just to say, Haah-TUrs appear as white Persian cats with one blue eye and one green eye. Azurite Press had t-shirts made with their faces. E’Asha had cats from this lineage.  They worked hard with us back in 2006 – 2009, utilizing a protective Sheath pillar to cloak the shield at one time. They also worked with installing the Kristic Guff host path. 

This host included the Anu-Tribal Shields. Examples of this shield are Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, GWB, The Enochian, Thothian, Jehovians, and Kudmons. These same collectives are working with us now to install something even more significant. The Haah-TUrs communicated to me that there was not enough energy needed to implement the host fully at the time. But we are involved with something even more remarkable to help these collectives and so many more. 

The Haah-TUrs had worked with the 3 TIGeRs, which was a series of 3 rapped Trans-Harmonic Inter-dimensional Gamma-Ray bursts from the Krystallah-core – “Key Activation Waves.” Each set affected the Templar process of the Solar, Indigo and Planetary Keys and TakEyons.” Which lead to the  “downloaded Keys” from Galactic Core to the Solar Sheild to the Planetary Indigo Sheild. They were anchored there in a Dormant State, from the Planetary Indigo Sheild into the Urtha-Core-Tauren-Seed and Sheild Center. 

Much of these codes had been activated during the Tauren Light Seed activation. But I get there were still specific codes that stayed dormant because the Planet and Indigo Shield could not activate these particular keys.

(information was taken from the April 4th, 2006 Tenerife workshop Diary and 2009 update from Azurite Press now Arhayas Productions)

There are still Dormant Keys that are ready to be activated now.  The Haah-TUrs, the Sasquatch, and many groups we have worked with before and many others will be working closely with us tomorrow and, of course, all the new councils.

Part of the reason these keys stayed dormant was that how we ground it is reversed. We Stream in the energy without directional force. When the energy goes into the Earth, it becomes more local and muddied instead of spreading out.

Naturally, the energy is supposed to come in straight move focused and localized through the hair antenna/scalp connecting with the crown nodes through the axi-tonal lines that cross through the chakra system in the body.  Then down and out through the feet  Each axi-tonal line runes particular dimensional frequency spectra that flow through the Earth grids corresponding to the specific axi-tonal dimension. This process activates the Earth’s corresponding Leyline to run the specific energy-frequency program.  

If the energy is not in alignment with the dimensional Axi-tonal and corresponding Leyline, It will just dissipate.  If the codes do line up, the energy will embed its codes in the corresponding Dimensional leyline.  This embedding includes the Parallel Earth and Urtha leyline sequence of the frequency spectra or the new program. There are 4 primary times of the year that Earth and Parallel Earth line up. This September Equinox is one of them. Examples of major code embedding could be a Stellar Activation Cycle and the various astrological cycles.

All life on a Planet, even the minerals, bugs, plants, and animals, spread the codes and help embed them into the Earth’s Templar.  The Life on the Planet determines the frequency Spectra the Planet can embody- (almost like the chicken and the egg scenario).

So whether a Planet can take on a highly evolved soul(s) during a sac or major cycle determine the frequency spectra of the Planet as a whole which in turn increases the frequency spectra of the life on the Planet (Bio-Feed Interface System).

Right now, the human race is probably at half capacity or even ⅓ capacity at bringing in the higher frequency spectra.  What we can bring in, we have to amp it up with large numbers of people and life to spread it out and embed it in the proper corresponding leylines.  It has become a complicated process to bring in and embed the higher frequency spectra.

The lower Luciferian (Astrotheosophy terminology) frequency Spectra embedding has an easier time in our current Planetary structure. That is why people tend to run negative lower “poor me,” victim energy easily. We have to work at  times to express/run a higher frequency “Vibration”/

We can do it, but we have to increase our energy in “Group Prayer” to increase the frequency spectra. Another word for this running of the Luciferian Lower Frequency spectra is the Ancestral Burdens. Hince, the significant focus on healing the burdens. These burdens keep us locked into a particular time-space coordinate point.

When the magnetic poles shifted during the Atlantian deluge, our magnetic fields reversed.  Meaning the hair antenna now acts as the roots, and the feet are the antenna.  E’asha has often talked about how the information comes in on a reversed line and she has to right it.

Slowly but surely, we have been integrating ascension Medium Earth into our Template structure, becoming Aurora Earth to allow us once again to run higher frequency spectra correctly. We are making our hair our proper antenna and our feet the roots.

We release the ancestral Burdens Binding us to the lower Reversed Luciferian realms we can reverse our fields naturally back to their organic state. Taming The Tauren is another way of saying healing the Ancestral Budens. The Haah-TUr are playing a pivotal role in this healing process. Also, the Sasquatch is helping out as well. Not to mention, of course, the Cloak of the Eternal Ones and…

People also need to stop trying to go back up the way we came.  That Stellar cycle has ended/shut down and become blocked.  We are now creating a moving forward and up-and-out bypass system defining a new age.

Right now is a critical window that we can utilize the annual PCM September Equinox Earth-Sun & Parallel Earth-Sun Core peak alignment.  

As we clear the blocks, we naturally allow the higher frequency Spectra, which opens our minds, will lead naturally to embody the vision of the New Earth. It can not be one or the other. They both play off each other. Also, as a group, some people may have better visions of the new World, and others can clear the blocks. We all work together harmoniously.

As usual, I received information from a dream that pulled in more information upon awakening. From that, I was guided to do some research about the Haah-TUrs who have been coming in a lot lately to work with me and the group. This motivated me to create the HJR Gridkeepers Shields Clinic.

The HJR Gridkeepers Shields clinic group met on September the 11th for a hugely powerful journey with the Guardians into the Sun to help activate the dormant codes and right the magnetic fields. It will be interesting to see how this shift will out-picture and how each group out there will utilize this new energy during the fall Equinox.

So as you attend your festivities feel how now your hair is back to being proper antennas and your feet are now your roots. Feeling the energy spread out much easier. Be mindful of what kind of World you want to create as you set the intention into the Earth’s Grids. Also, see if you can sense a Persian-like cat around you with one green eye and one blue. Oh and as usual take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Even better if you can connect within your Pod Space to experience the new energy!!!

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR Navigator

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