What is The Black Sun? HJR Insights

The topic of the Black Sun has been coming up a bit lately in my hologram. Recently, Gigi Young did an excellent video about it. I recommend you watch her video as well. There is a lot of fear around it, and rightly so, but we have been conned as usual. Just like we were told Taro and astrology were evil. We have been taught that anything to do with the Black Sun is evil. Knowing what I know now, I would say nope but tread carefully. This is what I have learned, and as usual, take what you like and leave the rest. Also happy to hear others’ perspectives.

The Black Sun is the Manu. It is the leading leg of the true trinity Light-Sound-UN-ONE or the Pillar of Power. The Light-Sound is its Keylon coded manifest reflection of IT. ITs Sunlight can not be seen by the naked eye. We can only feel the sense of IT through our molecular structure that is made up of IT in its purest form.

Each of the Seven Suns, including the eighth hidden Sun, has its White and black hole sets. They work together as fission-fusion Plasmatik generators. The White holes combine the electric and magnetic tonal signatures, and the Black holes are the Manu, aka UN-ONE. The Sound or vibration is the link-up point between the two holes. From the darkness, the Lord God spoke, let there be the Light. This interplay of “Sound Vibration” between the vails or Black and White hole Sun sets is the Vibrational Mechanics Science that Keylontic Science (Organic Light Body Mechanics) was built on.

On one side of the veil is the Pre-sound Manu UN-ONE. This Pre-Sound Vibration, once it crosses the veil to the White Light manifest reflection, becomes an audible tonal signature. The Manu side, the vibrational tonal signature of The All That Is, pulls a thought-intension-building charge to create an idea or construct. The pre-sound vibratory energy bursting into life the full Keylon coded construct of the Mana – Light and the Eira Sound. Through the in-breath and out-breath aka fission-fusion plasmatik generators move through the stairway of heaven, increasing the quantum thrust of Light and Sound within the UN-One alive in its keylon coded structure.

There is a base pulse rhythm breathing cycle. These fission-fusion generators flow through the Kathara grids, aka Neural Network Pathways of the Eternal Mind of the All That Is. They continually build up the frequency of the light body, aka reflected light manifest structure. There is a natural balance between the two. Too much vibration can cause a construct to become too dense and heavy, or solid. Too much light and poof the manifest structure de-manifests or possibly can burn up a “space.” All three interplay with each other. 2nd Creation Mechanics was an attempt at altering and controlling this process.

We are IT. We are this whole process and more as we all expand and grow as the All That Is God Source First Eternal Ah-yah A’ya. In gaining that inner-standing, The “Fallen Ones” got caught or fell into the caverns or crevasses of the Dark Sun as they attempted to cross over from one Density plain to the next, aka Density 1 EArth to Density 2 Tara aka Heaven. These souls, or let’s just call it out. Parts of ourselves got caught. We are all trying in our own ways to gain our personal power back to find our way out.

We are in an in-between place. This can be a dangerous place if you hold on to any mental Mia or thought Corpses of the False Matrix of our current 3D Net Earth. This Black Sun Manu that embodies all the Suns will rip apart anything inorganic. It will bring everything back eventually to its organic core. Hince Space Dust Return.

The Fall Into The Black Sun

This vibrational mechanics is the vibrational interplay between the white and black hole Sun sets of creation (base pulse rhythm), the in-breath and out-breath renewal of life. To “breathe back into the core of our being” wholly and thoroughly. We have to move our “I”identity through the ‘Stairway of Heaven,” aka Through The White and Black Hole Sun Sets aka Neural Network Pathways of the Eternal Mind aka Kathara grid lote structure.

If you have any programs/ mental corpse mia that cut you off”, block this natural energetic flow. You can get thrown into the “weeds,” aka crevasses of a particular Black hole Sun set. The more you play the programs that got you stuck or thrown in the weeds, the more stuck you become. You may even develop a religious order focused on Being Stuck, hmm, interesting.

Seeing all the power around you. Yet you are not in the White hole Sun World or in The Black Sun World. It really is a Phantom Hellish World, aka Net Earth. Keep in mind there is a New Earth here and now where we are not stuck. Most of us, at some level, are expressing in this new Earth aka Aurora Earth some will make it to Yhu RhA Ya Earth. But that’s another story. Today we are focused on the parts of self that are stuck.

We keep re-incarnating, or if we are the Cabal, we just go from Body to Body. Unable to create a new form because we are so stuck in the black crevices. The power around us is just out of our grasp. Our “Mind” thinks hollow thoughts that screech in the Night (Thought Corpses). These thought Corpses are ideologies not based in reality but are found in this hollow phantom World. We have to vampire off whatever life we can harness.

As we keep living in these Corpse Thought Phantom World, our light body decreases more and more until finally, it implodes. These corpse thoughts within this in-between place are all that is left of you within the Lower 4D Realm. Keeping in mind your Authentic Self is IT, but that Light Body “I” we created in this Time Matrix has imploded. All those memories and knowledge have gone poof unless someone holds us in mind with love and appreciation to bring this “I” back.

So every time we attempt to go through this veil, we still have any similar vibratory signature that will catch us in this in-between place. I have a feeling each Density Realm has this place when you go to do your 90-degree flip from one matrix to the next. Right now, our Density realm is our concern. There is a fallen Reversed 5D connected to this as in a Phantom Matrix Density 2 Tara. Which The Guardian Alliance does reference. Hince the importance of the “By-Pass System” aka “Re-Evolutionary Rise Reconnection” (KDDL 3).

In our current time, Matrix, we have an elaborate false Matrix gate System. Part of it has been built by these Fallen Black Sun Worshipers here on Earth. These souls are trapped in that in-between place directly linked into the Black Sun itself, for you can’t be anywhere else but within the womb or core of your Being. But you can get stuck and create a complex Mind Corpse Phantom reality.

Examples of stuck programs. Any Programs that run 2nd Creation Finite Mechanics as in any program that makes you think you are less than who you are. For the most part, pretty much our current Western and even Eastern World view.

It is hard to say which happened first, the chicken or the egg, with this Phantom Matrix creation. But there is no time, and there is a constant movement back and forth through “Time.” So probably a moot point.

The key is to inner-stand this Black Sun is a complex issue. Be Careful not to get caught up in right and wrong, good and bad rigid 2nd creation finite mindset. When we do that, we have just lost the keys to our own Salvation. So I would say take time to tune in and feel it out for yourself. I’m doing the same.

I hate to say this, but probably this Cabal Black Sun Fallen order might have some good information. I would imagine they channel both good and not-so-good information from their stuck place. So at some point, when you are strong enough. Get your fields up and learn about their perspective.

I’m not there yet either. Don’t know that I personally want to get there, but who knows, maybe down the road? But others, it might be their destiny? Perhaps their way of helping these Trapped Fallen souls or parts of self? Then again, I think that is why many of us came here to do just that and got stuck. Ya, I for sure can’t even begin to make any objective decerning opinion on what to do. We each, as usual, have to feel it out for ourselves. We can certainly tune in to our own inner being making a direct link up with our own Un-One Self.

The Guilt-Blame Shame Game

Ok, this brings me to another critical element in understanding, in my opinion, this trapped Phantom Matrix of these False Black Sun worshippers utilize. According to the Seth Material, natural Guilt was instilled in the Time Matrix as a compassionate countermeasure to the cold harshness of the disconnect with the Source for the development of the intellect. Also, add maybe possibly work with those who had fallen in the “crevis.” When we did an action to another that caused harm. We would be mindful of this and choose different behaviors in the future.

But it ended up being used by the Fallen ones who, bit by bit, became our Controllers. Instead of being a helpful tool, it became a way of binding and controlling what became their food source, the organic natural human race.

We became ruled by these energetic forces both within and without. We created a whole complex punishment system that locked us into the phantom matrix. We even use this punishment system to regulate how we can go to “Heaven.” It is being used now to force people to wear face diapers and take the jabbers in the arm, and much more.

Another big part this punishment program has played involved us creating the “False Front.” The facade face we show the public to survive. Only that is just another trap by the fallen ones because we no longer are being authentic. Not just to the World but even to ourselves. We can much more easily fall prey to elaborate ideologies of the “Right Way,” aka Social-Democracy, Socialism, Communism, dictatorships, Bloodline controller rulerships… All have good ideas, but none of them are grounded in Real World application successfully. They are created or envisioned to control people to live “a better life” based on someone’s probably manipulated by both “light and dark” forces vision.

In the end, each individuus of the All-One chooses to live their authentic expression moment to moment. There is absolutely no governmental system that can be put in place to regulate this. All we can do is create a system where people can play nicely with each other. Maybe a Republic? We will see what we create from a much more awake and aware frame of mind in the following months and years.

In conclusion, there is a significant chess game being played right now between the organic and the inorganic. It was flipped around to say the Dark and Light, but now we know we can’t play that game anymore. We can not go by sight alone. We can only go within our own Internal- Eternal core of our being to search out what is authentic, alive, including organic live Time Matrix and the false front, Phantom Time Matrix?

I give thanks to Rudolph Steiner, Gigi Young, E’Asha, and my own clan family receiving for me new insights. Like I always say, take it or leave it. Please Like, share, and give your perspective in the comment section below. Also, please subscribe if you haven’t already.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR Navigator helping others to connect with their God Source 1st Eternal Clan Family.

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