The Normies? HJR Insights

We all, at some level, have been SRA, aka MK-Ultra, programmed In our life. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. In fact, the more educated you are, the more programs you have been indoctrinated into. Intellect alone is not going to help you out with breaking the programs. So, in essence, we all are Normies at some level. Compassion is essential right now for all of us.

Stop making wrong, your fellow man. Whether it is talking about a Normy or a Truther. Especially finding fault in another Truther because they see things differently than you do. We are a team. We are all working to find the truth in a World where we have been conned repeatedly.

As far as I can tell, MK- Ultra is a three-letter opp under the Deep State SRA programming umbrella. The SRA cult rituals have been used to program the human “Elite” families under the control of the Drako Annu lineages for World Domination for thousands of years. Thankfully after thousands of years under their mind control, we are coming out of it.

In regards to MK-Ultra programming, it is a multifunctional training program. It was supposed to have ended a few years back, like ya, right. Some day will know its new name. They use drugs, music, songs, specific frequencies, electrical shock treatments to affect different brain parts.

As their program advanced, they became more ballsy and incorporated more of the SRA activities of Sex abuse and Ra-e to break the “I”denty into sub-personalities. They would then cultivate one of the sub-personalities to do their bidding. A handler would be assigned to maintain and work with this sub-personality. The Manchurian candidate comes to mind as an example.

The SRA Generational and now the MK-Ultra Family program takes about 3 generations to reprogram. Three generations are all it takes to reprogram a society into whatever program they want you to run, and then you go on autopilot. They even do this programming to their own military and three-letter agencies.

The Pineal is a vital part of the Brain to shut down for them. That part of the Brain connects you directly to your inner Being Spirit-Self. So the effects of Floride and deuterium in your water can cause calcification of the Pineal. When this occurs, you become sluggish and zombie-like or robotic. When in this state, we are susceptible to subliminal programming.

Examples of industries that have been under Deep State control are Hollywood, Music Industry, Major Corporate Conglomerates, and sadly most all traditional mainstream Religious organizations; 3 Letter agencies, Social Media, Mainstream Media.

Tools of their trade:

Holographic Inserts, Subliminal messages, Sex abuse, Rape, alien abduction, 3 letter agency abductions.


Hollywood sitcoms, Social media, and Mainstream media repetitive messages that seed an idea. Doesn’t matter whether truthful. Repeat it enough, and it is truth, right. Like “Orange Man Bad” or “The Adults Are Back In Office.” The obsessive mask-wearing, like when you’re in your car by yourself. Masks are not healthy to wear all the time. They compromise your natural immune system by making you weak to the elements instead of strong. The body can take care of itself, but we are taught nature/ body bad. Intellect is good over intuition.

Another example is the current jabbers program. It is an experimental Drug that actually harms more than helps and doesn’t really stop the infection. There is a variety of issues with most of them, do your research.

Yet, you try to talk to someone indoctrinated. These indoctrinated people can’t handle it. They get offensive, irritated, and may even shun you from their life. There is a rolling of the eyes initially that, the more I think about it. It is a programmed response to release out the information you just received. Practice rolling your eyes back. Your mind feels cleared. Also, the rolling of the eyes is part of EFT to remove an unwanted program. So interesting, hmm, just an added bit to think about. Not saying facts but something to think about.

The Sept then 11 situation is a fascinating example of how mainstream media works. Lewis Herms, in his discussion on Nicholas Veniamin Bitchute’s video, recently talked about how his first impressions as he saw the event occur. He knew it was demolition and an inside job. (Side note: I have an alternate theory) At any rate, after about three days of listening to the mainstream narrative, he totally succumbed to the narrative. Even though logically and intuitively, he knew the narrative was false.

He was totally wrapped up in the narrative for many years. He said once he figured it out, it was like waking up. Like he had been asleep. He didn’t say in this discussion, but I feel this experience was a turning point for him to create the Freedom In Action.Net.

The Awakening Process

The Good News is we are waking up to this programming. As the higher frequencies from the Stellar Activation have been coming in and with the corresponding Fail-Safe activation, we have help from The Core of Source itself of our Eternal Internal Expression. Earth Chose to awaken and ascend. She has said no to the “Dark forces.” Meaning all their plans keep getting foiled and backfiring on them, making us actually wake up even more.

Along with that, we have the Earth Alliance, Guardian Alliance, and Galactic Federation of Worlds at work, breaking down this Deep State swamp Planetary Network which includes the SSP (Secret Space Program). Meaning be careful of those who in some way advocate for it.

This is allowing for more people to safely speak up even still with the censorship going on. Which is why Ihey at least do not have their life threatened so much now.

As people come out of their programming, they feel excited and frightened at the same time. Or also may have a sense of revelations as they snap back to their own knowing. But there is a fear of not knowing what thoughts are real and what are not.

It is suggested to write your story over and over again until you can feel it out. Utilizing your own inner sense, feel knowing. Another way of saying this is recoding the Elementi discussed in previous Harmonizing Journey with Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah Series posts.

Clearing the Pineal is extremely important. You utilize the Pineal to connect with your higher self, aka inner being, aka higher forces, in a way that works for you. What you do not use becomes dormant and inoperative so use that Pineal “muscle!”

So what are you doing to break the programming? It is more than just turning off the TV. Because friends and family are happy to tell you over and over again what the latest programs are.

Also, not watching or reading anything keeps you in the dark because you still don’t know what truth is and what is not. Research different perspectives until you weed out the falsehoods and see the facts out there bit by bit, trusting with practice your own inner being. Feel out the truth will set you free.

An example from Lewis Herms- Freedom In Action- Red Pill Acadamy when trying to help out friends and Loved ones. But also good to do working with yourself. You can say something like, “What about this? or “did you know?” Let them digest small pieces of information at a time. Hammering a lot of information or coming at them straight on will shut them down with the glazed eyes. You might even get the role of the eyes.

Be kind, empathetic, and Patient. We can’t help it in the areas that we have our blinders on. We all are in the same boat, like LOL, the actor Charlie Sheen. “I am winning,” and he was actually having a psychotic break. Do we always know? Hmm

I recommend checking out Lewis Herms- Red Pill Acadamy to gain more information for yourself.

Also, HJR Seminars LLC is committed to breaking the old programs binding you to NetEarth and connecting you with your own Eternal Clan Spirit family. We are living in two Worlds right now, New Earth and Net Earth, aka Deep State. Which World do you want to embody? Your choice.

Side Note: The Earth Alliance, aka Trump, could have turned over information to overturn the Nov election. He chose to follow the wise counsel of the Guardian Alliance. For at what cost would it have been to expose the information at that time? We would have been placed in lockdown where Normies would have totally lost it. Blamed Trump and never would have figured out just how bad things are. In the meantime, much of the Deep State Network has been taken down. Current Governments are being puppet to show their true Deep State colors.

But now we are seeing the true agenda, and many more souls have awakened. We now have our 80%. Now we can make changes. We can decide do we still even want to try to fix this fraudulent Deep State Federal Government? This movie has really sucked the big one, but it was necessary to allow most of humanity to begin breaking the programming.

Love your fellow Normy family member. I love mine. Also, be kind to your fellow Truthers that you don’t always agree with. There is a group of “Truthers” out there running Deep State programs unconsciously shitting on other truthers. You will know some of them by their small number of followers. There are some bigger names that in my opinion got taken down. They all may give some good information but then turn around and hall off on fault-finding the mainstream truthers. The ones genuinely risking their necks every day to get the truth out. There is no reason for that kind of behavior.

These next few weeks, months, and years will determine the new Earth we want to live in.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

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