Fatalism: An HJR Insight

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of The Normy Thinking

We are in the process of literally changing our base pulse rhythm back in tune with our Inner Being as a Hu-Man Race. If you are playing the 3D game of dealing with lockdowns and face diapers, then at some level, you have bought into the Deep State Fatalism Program. We are being played for sure. I’m right there with you, so I’m not fronting. This Fatalism program is partly due to life choices and powerful dark magic by “The Deep State cult.”

Another word by Gigi Young to explain who these beings are Fallen Breakaway civilizations. Humans from our future who, through their choices, identified with AI technology and are no longer human. They follow an AI God of Intellect known as Dark Lords or FataLEE Time Lords. Their emotional feel body was bred out of them. Their higher coding became convoluted.

They know the mechanics but do not have the heart energy for the full Source connection. They are very dangerous because of this. They traveled back in time to connect with the parts of themselves from the past who were still hu-Man but could not make the leap in evolution to the current Freedom Spirits that we are evolving into.

Fatalistic thinking means no matter what good happens, we will predominantly think of some version of the worst. No matter what we do, we can not change our fate. Obviously, each person creates different variations of their fate, some quite positive to some quite negative.

Right now, we are literally in the process of breaking this Fatalistic Dark Magic program, among many others. The Tower Moments are Crashing down the false Fatalistic facade of Western materialism. We are now in the process of writing a new script. Not saying materialism and the intellect are wrong just should not be in the driver’s seat. Or allowing a distorted EGO to be in the driver’s seat of our life instead of living from the spiritual core of our being outwards.

We had to have the worst or, at least thankfully, a watered-down version of the worst-case scenario of Lockdown, face diaper-wearing, and Jabawabee papers to realize how we have given up our power as Sovereign Hu-Man Beings of this Earth Plane. In some areas, there are actually fewer restrictions. But overall, fear-mongering/ gaslighting “Deep State” dark magic is being pushed now instead of being spread over 10 years. Guys, this ailment is something that is 98% recoverable. No reason for the control measures unless it is to control!!!

I still have situations in my life where my first response is anger, fear, resentment, and it is not going to work or be ok. I’m really having to stop and relook at these situations. I literally stop and just breathe until the Fatalistic Black Magic Program releases. I run the Pillar of Peace energy within the Pod Space, breaking it up and beginning the re-aligning process. Shifts are occurring, but it has been a slow process.

Becoming more aware has helped. Realizing when I started going down that negative misaligned spiral to stop the cycle. Continually going in the Pod Space helps to deal with these Planetary Programs.

I heard recently this Deep State syndicate’s reign has ended. Part of their condition of having a lighter sentence is to end their Black Magic Spell programs. Keep in mind most of these people have been rounded up and are in the “Spa” south of Florida, let’s just say. We are talking at this point of the minions of the FataLEE Dark Lords.

The AI head was cut off a few years ago. The children have been at play. Most of these children of a Fallen Man have no idea what they were actually connected to. They just wanted power and control as they did in Atlantis because they didn’t want to take the time to make the full inner connection with their inner being to stand as a Freedom Spirit.

As in Atlantis, we are now dealing with a timelines convergence of positive and negative realities. We see our positive higher self connections and our fallen AI selves connecting. Choice as a Freedom Spirit is at its utmost. There is a holographic CGI movie going on right now to push all of us at some level to wake up where we have been programmed sleeping. We can choose the uplifting organic Authentic expression path. Or we can choose the downward spiral AI fallen path.

You see in the mainstream media Movie for the Normies, Deep State Hand Maidens. If you really think Maxwell was in court recently, then think again. She had been rounded up along with Epstein a long time ago. They are singing right now at the Spa.

It is cruel to call the Normies the handmaidens of the Deep State. I do not say this with malice but with a humble heart. We all, at some point, have played that part through the ages. Time to take responsibility for our parts and stop playing the game. The Deep State only has the power we give them. No more and no less. If the Normies bend over for the face diapers, what else are they mindlessly programmed to do?

That is part of why it is taking so long for the end of the “Movie.” The “Movie” is a holographic reality giving the Normies a chance to come with the rest of us. This is actually different then what had happened in Atlantis and Lemuria. Back then, the Normies didn’t have an opportunity to make a shift like this. It is frustrating for those of us awake, but we will fare a lot better as a civilization in the long run. Time to close that dark portal network that had been opened up in Atlantis. We do have the power to create our fate with every breath we take. But we have to be mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. ARE we creating by default, or are we creating Mindfully?

I feel the Fatalism program is in the process of being dismantled within the Earth Grids. The Dark Cult Deep State utilizes certain power spots and lay lines around the World. So in the next few months, this program and many others will be released. We will have to do our part in tearing down our old system or frameworks and choose new healthier ones in alignment with our eternal Base Pulse Rhythms of our inner Being.

Keep in mind we are each the “I” in the “Am.” So as we align with our own sovereign Being, we align with the whole of life itself. All will fall into place. The ancients knew this. They knew the importance of understanding themselves as we have evolved into the Freedom Spirits.

These dark magic programs are also embedded in this time matrix’s Planetary Solar System structures. Saturn, in particular, with its rings, was heavily programmed because of its position in our Hu-Man development. Saturn is a key planet, particularly for this Fatalism program. Saturn regulates our physical functions “Limits.”

The only limits we have naturally are in the multidimensional domain construction that gives each harmonic Universe its Laws of Nature. The old Saturn represented the development of the planets in this solar system in ancient texts.

Currently, we are astrologically working in the house of Saturn. This is the time to release the dark magic embedded in the rings of Saturn that control “Our Karma.” Ending the karmic fatalistic thinking. Like just, when you think all is going well, it all will fall apart. This transparent belief system that we automatically assume the worst in someone or something is a reality for us at some level. It is why the current truther movement was so easily broken. Why the sleepers are still sleeping. Just taking life as somehow being bad or evil. When the exact opposite is true.

I know a lot of truthers are fed up, and I really don’t blame them. Me too, but honestly, we are tying ourselves to the old paradigm to get so upset and judgmental. We are not getting just how dysfunctional was the old paradigm. For example, an “old worn-out shoe” that no longer fits and is dangerous to wear because it doesn’t support our feet anymore.

We are unplugging at a deeper level to plug our templates into the organic matrix instead of this artificial 2nd Creation Finite Deep State Dark Magic Controller Fatalism Matrix aka FataLEE Dark Time Lords actually live in.

They came from the future through our Astral Bodies D4 Tara. They have been Spewing their sick way of thinking ever since. They represent those who have not connected with their Eternal Internal Core of their Being, authentic self, inner Being.

They have to look outside for answers. They like giving their power over to the Scientific method and associated Demon-cratic Communistic Controller systems. They are inspired by AI technology and have no problem downloading their consciousness into a computer. The Greys and Zetas are examples of how many “Normies” throughout time ended up. They became a split-off civilization that while they have the DNA programming, they lost their spirit and will die becoming space dust return aka eaten up by this AI monster.

They may still, at times, have the appearance of being human with the Planetary influence of where they came from. But there are significant changes to their appearance. Gigi Young had talked about Atlantis and Even Lummuria when the portals had opened up by those who still had the codes but could not make the transition. They opened themselves up to space to get help because they couldn’t figure out how to go within. They connected with their future selves from Mars, this dark, fallen breakaway civilization. A lot like what is going on right now with the so-called speaking to the Ascended Masters movement. The Voyagers series by Ashayana Dean Arhayas also goes deeper into these fallen souls.

These Normies lined up with their future selves that took a divergent path. Instead of honoring where they were developmentally, they chose power and control. It was and is ok to slow down and take your time to develop. But instead of doing that, they chose their pride and ego.

Many of them were the Priest-Kings of the day who needed to be demoted to evolve. They did not like that, and honestly, I get how upset they were. It really sucks to be demoted for whatever reason. But when you couldn’t feel the new energies coming in, that made the old way of being obsolete. Interesting how that theme has been played out throughout history. Talk about ample opportunities to make new choices, LOL.

These Normies tried to make the old tools work, causing a lot of havoc that eventually established these Divergent Dark lords into Atlantis and eventually Lemmuria destroying both Worlds. These Dark Lords, aka Archons, aka Martians, aka Draco-Zeta- Anunnaki hybrids, are still here as the Deep State Cabal Bloodline Controller families and their minions, aka Handmaidens, aka Normies. Basically, we are all here playing the game again.

Questions to ponder. What old tools or ways of being do we need to let go? Are we just excepting what we are told without first checking within? How much time do we meditate or just relax and breathe or walk in nature? How much do we let our fear get the better of us? Half the battle is gaining clarity and awareness and the other half is trusting yourself. You can’t trust who you don’t know!

***Information for this article was a combination of personal guidance along with Rudolph Steiner, Gigi Young, E’Asha Arhayas, Taro By Janine, and other truther information out there.

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