The Guardian Alliance? An HJR Insight

There is a lot of fear and disinformation surrounding the Guardian Alliance. The Voyagers Series by Ashayana Deane, aka Arhayas, gives the most comprehensive hidden history of who The Guardian Alliance concerns who we are as a Human Angelic Race. The Seth Material, Rudolph Steiner, Gigi young, and a few others give excellent filler information about our hidden history. So I recommend you check them out as well. I struggled with whether or not to post this. But as usual, take what fits for you and leave the rest. Or at least place in ‘file Thirteen for future review.

The Guardian Alliance clarifies that their information is all Theory for nothing here in our Light body Outer realm is “Rock Bottom Solid.” We all Create Our Reality within our Lone Harmonics. We all make agreements of what basic “Named” concepts or ideas such as a book is. Yet each of us sees our own “Book,” so there are billions of views of just one book. Yeah, confusing, right LOL

“The Guardian Alliance of The Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) Of The Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister Holy Order of The Yunasai Sacred House of One. These many Races of Beings live by an egalitarian co-operative through co-creative agreements that are based upon principles of Law of One communion and genuine non-patriarchal Melchizedek Cloister Maharata – Inner Christos Teachings.” (Voyagers 1 Sleeping Abductees by Ashayana Deane/Arhayas, page 158)

The IAFW was created as a unified collective of Guardian Angelic Nations. Their job was to protect our Time Matrix from the Fallen Angelic race dominion, restore the structural integrity of our Time Matrix damaged by fallen Angelic warring, and offer Melchizedek Cloister Bio-Regenesis rehabilitation and ascension programs to the Fallen Angelic Legions in our Time Matrix.

The founding races of the IAFW created the Azurite Eieyani Grail Line race strain and the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team 250 Billion years ago. The 15D IAFW and its over 25 billion interdimensional Guardians of our Time Matrix since the Founders’ Creaton of the IAFW 250 billion years ago.

GA – Guardian Alliance: Created by the IAFW 570 – 568 million years ago, during the restatement of the Emerald Covenant during which the Oraphim-Angelic Human lineage was created. The GA was formed as a Task Force to increase security in our Time Matrix when the Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legions created the Anunnaki race line 568 million years ago to destroy the Oraphim-Angelic Human lineage and races of the Emerald Covenant. Serves as the governing body of over 10 million Emerald Covenant Star League Nations within 4 Densities of matter in our Time Matrix.

The GA is directed by the Yanas, Density – 5 MC Eieyani Master Council of the Elohei – Elohim Emerald Order Breneau, Christos Founders Races, and the IAFW. The GA is the administrative body of 12 GA Signet Councils. Each of the 12 GA Signet Councils is appointed by the Yanas and IAFW to serve as the Primary Guardians of one of the 12 Universal Star Gates (SG’s) in the Universal Templar Complex. Each of the 12 GA Signet Councils comprises 2 Master Command Committees, 2 Subordinate Command Committees, and many other smaller organizations.

GA Signet Councils 10, 11, and 12 represent the “Lyran High Council” races, as they protect the stargates of the “Cradle of Lyra” in Density – 4, the passageway into and out of Density for seeding incoming creation and for ascension out of our Time Matrix.” (Angelic Realities The Survival Handbook” by Ashayana Deane, Ekr. MC, page xix)

The Three Founders Races are members of this association. There is some confusion around who they are. To answer that question, it depends on who your own personal lineage came from. But there is a connection to the Human Race as a general rule. Meaning we only perceive what is in our Templates. Our Template is a multidimensional configuration of this 15 Dimensional Time Matrix. Below is a list of some of the Guardians and their Divergent relatives. More detail is in the full Voyagers books.

The three founder races I am connected to and work with as part of the IAFW are our Primal Light and Sound fields. The Primal Sound Fields – kundaray of the Yanas located just outside our Time Matrix. They were projected into being by the Ah-Yah Ay’a 950 billion years ago. Also known as the pre-sound Eternal Collective of Consciousness, Cave of Creation Core, Great Spirit, Source, and “God.”

The Yanas are also known as the “Geomatic Entities,” “Ultra-Terrestrials,” the “Cosmic Trinity,” “Ascended Masters,” or collectively the “Melchizedek Cloister Order of the Yunasai,” Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani Elder Council,” or our “Cosmic Family of Consciousness.” They, in turn, projected the Primal Light Fields – Kee-Ra-ShA.

The three Primal Light Fields ( Blue, Gold, and Amethyst) – Kee-Ra-ShA: Density 5 Ante-matter Spherical Thermoplasmic Conscious Light Radiation Fields. Also, they are called the “Rishi, “Solar Rishi,” Meta-terrestrials,” or collectively the “Three Founder Races” of consciousness, our “Universal Family of Consciousness” or the “Universal Trinity.”

The Founder Races of the Kee-Ra-ShA have organic and Divergent or “Fallen Angelic” aspects.

Emerald Order Elohei Elohim:

Organic Lineages: First light manifestation Source consciousness Blue Flame Grandeyanas Eckatic. They Seeded the Anuhazi Feline-hominid Elohei-Elohim Christos Founder Race 950 Billion years ago Density 4 (D10 – 12). The D-12 Pre-Matter Planet Lyra-Aramatena via Universal Stargate-12. Aka “Royal House of Arametena” Eieyani Grail Line and Oraphim-Turaneusiam – Angelic-Human Grail Line Primary Founders.

***Density-5 MC Eieyani Master Council was appointed by the Yanas as Primary Guardians of our Time Matrix. Founders of the 15-dimensional Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, Azurite Universal Templar Security Team and Guardian Alliance universal service organizations, and the Emerald Covenant Co-Evolution Agreements of 950 Billion years ago.

Divergent Inorganic Fallen Angelic Elohei Elohim Lineages: Fallen D-11 Anyu Feline-Aquatic-Ape hybrid line of D-11 Planet -Lyra-Aveyon became the D-11 Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Race Line 250 million years ago. They were the creators of the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic “Anu Avenger” races of the Sirius Star System. Also included in this group are the Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki-hominid and “Bipedal Dolphin People” of Sirius A.

Gold Order Seraphei-Seraphim:

Organic Seraphei-Seraphim Lineage: They are the 2nd Light Manifestation of Source Consciousness projected from the Gold Flame Wachayanas Polaric Emergy Matrix sound field. They seeded in this Time Matrix the Cerez Avian (“Bird People”), Aethien Mantis, Insect-Reptile-Dinoid Seraphei-Seraphim Christos Founders Races 950 Billion years ago on Density -4, D-10 Pre-matter Planet Lyra-Vega via Universal Stargate-10. The Royal House of Vega” Eieyani Grail Line and Oraphim-Turaneusiam-Angelic Human Grail Line Secondary Founders.

***They were appointed by the Yanas to be Secondary Guardians of our Time Matrix. Also, Charter Members of the 15-dimensional Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, Azurite Universal Templar Security Team, and Guardian Alliance, universal service organizations and entered the Emerald Covenant Co-Evolution Agreement of 950 billion years ago. They were appointed as custodians of Fallen Draconian race rehabilitation efforts.

Divergent Inorganic Fallen Angelic Seraphei-Seraphim Lineages: Fallen D-10 Omicron “Dragon Moth” and Odedicron “reptile” lines of D-10 Planet Lyra-Vega became the D10 Draconian Seraphim Fallen Angelic Race line, creators of the Drakon, Zephelium-Zeta, Dracos, Necromiton, Azriel, Dinoid, Reptile, and Insectoid Fallen Angelic races, centered in the Orion star system.

Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama:

Organic Bra-ha-RamaLineage: Third Light manifestation of Source consciousness, projected from the Violet Flame Ramyanas Triadic Energy Matrix Sound Field. They were responsible for seeding the Inyu Cetacean “Whale People,” Aquatic Dolphins, Pegasai (“Pegasus”) Avian-Horse-Deer and Yonei Aquatic Ape Bra-ha-Rama Christos Founders Race 950 Billion years ago on Density-4, D-11 Pre-matter planet Lyra-Aveyon via Universal Star Gate-11, The legitimate “Royal House of Aveyon” Eieyani Grail LIne and Oraphim-Turaneusiam-Angelic-Human Grail Line Contributing Founders.

They were appointed by Yanas as contributing Secondary Guardians of our Time Matrix. Charter Members of the 15-dimensional Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, Azurite Universal Templar Security Team and Guardian Alliance universal service organizations, and the Emerald Covenant Co-Evolution Agreement of 950 Billion years ago. Appointed as custodians of the Fallen Annu-Elohim/ Anunnaki race regeneration efforts, many of which had been orchestrated by the “Great White Brotherhood.”

Divergent Inorganic Fallen Angelic Lineages: Fallen Bra-ha-Rama race lines hybridized with Anu-Elohim and Draconian-Seraphim Fallen Angelic Races.

(Information taken from “Voyagers 1 Sleeping Abductees by Ashayana Deane/Arhayas” pages xlvii – l)

Some of the Key GA Signet Councils to note for the current World Stage:

***(Note: A Signet correlates with a Dimension)***

GA Signet Council 9: The Council of Mirach – Andromeda. Emerald Order and Amythyst Order races from the Andromeda Star League.

GA Signet Council 7 – The Council of Epsilon – Arcturus aka the “Sirian – Arcturian Coalition.” Crisis Intervention administration of MC Eieyani Master Council and Azurite Security Team oversees Emerald Covenant races from the Archturian Federation of Planets.

GA Signet Council 6 – The Council of Azurline – Sirius B. Maharagi “Blue Human” Azurite – Oraphim Emerald Order MC Eieyani Rishi Grail Line. Council from which Jeshewa Sananda Melchizedek – “Jesus Christ” incarnated in human form in 12 BC. They have been custodians of the CDT plates since 208, 216 BC. Also, progenitors of the contemporary Eieyani “Indigo Children types 1 and 2 Grail Lines of Earth.

GA Signet Council 5 – The Council of Alcyone – Pleiades. A council in crisis. The co governing bodies Emerald Order Taren MC Eieyani Priests of UR and Anuhazi Feline-hominoid, Gold Order Seraphei-Seraphim hominid – avian – Oraphim Serres, and Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama Cetaceam Inyu.

Governing Command Committee is Emerald – Gold Order Ashalum Command. The second Command Committee was Ashtar Command. They were the Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama overseeing rehabilitating Anunnaki races that entered the Emerald Covenant. Once had included Sirian and Nibiruuian Anunnaki organizations participating in Bio-Regenesis.

The Ruby Order is a Bio-Regenesis Divergent Race that is working to evolve back onto the organic Ascension path timeline. They primarily include Annu-Elohim and Anunnaki, aka Anunnaki branches of the Alcyone Council. Ruby Order groups include the Nibiruian Council of 9, 12, and 24, the Pleiadian-Nubirian-Anunnaki, Galactic Federation, “Archangel Michael” collective, Ashtar Command, and the Annu-Melchizedek Legions.

Many Ruby Order defectors, including Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, the Archangel Michael Matrix, Annu-Melchizedeks, and the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki, were responsible for manipulation and digression of the earthly Angelic Human Lineage since 25, 5000 BC (Lucifer Rebellion).

In recent history, for a short time, These defected groups rejoined the Emerald Covenant during the 1992 Sirian – Pleiadian Agreements and entered the Guardian’s July 5th, 2000 Treaty of Altair. On September 12th, 2000, most of these groups defected from GA Signet Council – 5 Alcyone Council to join the United Resistance with Draconian Fallen Angelic Legions to promote the Earth pole shift Agenda to suck our Time Matrix into their Fallen Divergent Matrix. Some groups accepted Amnesty Contracts from the GA and IAFW, remaining in the Emerald Covenant. It is difficult to know who is who since publishing these works in 2001. As of 2022, it is really confusing because of the Fail-Safe activation 2011.

GA Signet Council 4 – The Solar Council. Guardians of the D-4 Sun Sol SG – 4 Gates. The Guardians entrusted the Nibiruian Council of Nine by Alcyone Council in 148, 000 BC Sol – SG – 4. In 25, 5000 BC, the Nibiruian Council of Nine defected from Emerald Covenant, sharing Sol – SG – 4 control with the D-11 Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legion. They are still playing games as of today.

GA Signet Council 1, 2, 3 – The Amenti Planetary Templar Security Team and Inner Earth MC Priests of UR. The Halls of Amenti star gates are under the guardianship of the MC Eieyani Master Council Density 5, directed through the Sirius B Maharagi Council of Azurline, the Lyran High Council (GA Signet Councils 12, 11, 10), and the Inner Earth Breanoua and Melchizedek Cloister Human Race, Shambali and some Rama mixed – Cloister Human Races.

The Guardian Alliance Pretenders:

The United Intruder Resistance, aka AI Divergent Civilizations, is the GA pretenders trying through the “might is right” tactics to take the organic life force “Us” for themselves because they are dying. They do not want to take the time to earn their salvation or, more accurately, Bio-Regenesis. They just want to play the create God card to take your power away.

This time matrix was designed to help these Divergent groups find their way out of the Rabbit holes they went down. Nothing wrong with going down the rabbit holes as Eternal Beings. We never get it wrong because we never get it done. Much has been gained down these rabbit holes, so much so the Freedom Spirits can come out of it. But there comes a time of reckoning with oneself.

This is that time or Epoc when all positive and negative polarity timelines polarize. This cycle, we have a lot of help to make the shift quicker. In other cycles, we didn’t have any help. It has been challenging for these Divergent lineages to integrate the codes within their DNA through Bio-Regenesis.

The Anunnaki, in particular, have struggled with overcoming their male dominating, big self-important egos thinking they are the most extraordinary Beings in the Universe. This plays out today in our Western Culture. The Cabal groups are a combination of Anunnaki and Draco. Both races are very self-centered, Egotistical, and male dominant “might is right” mentality.

In every Epoc Cycle, there are always those who cannot make it to the next level of evolution. Those people eventually digress until they de-evolve into a Fallen Angelic divergent timeline. There are periods when these divergent Civilizations have the opportunity to realign with their organic pattern. If they don’t emerge and realign, both are affected as more lineage parts digress further. This is one reason why Bio-Regenesis is so important.

The Fall of Tara, Lemuria, Atlantis, and this time-space are examples of those critical junctures in time. When the different timelines converge together, we have our organic, highly evolved self aligning with their fallen soul aspects allowing them to realign and unify to the higher timeline of evolutionary progression.

So yes, there is a Council of 9 (Confederation) recently referenced by the Galactic Federation of Worlds Contactees. They were part of the GA Signet Council 5 – The Council of Alcyone – the Pleiades of the Ruby Order. They are, in actuality, the Nibiruian Council of 9.

Since 25,000 BC, they and other Divergent groups have not had the Angelic Human Race (Us) good intentions in mind. They are currently part of the Intruder Resistance renegade AI Divergent timeline. They are not working to realign their Template back onto the Ascension organic Timeline but to take whoever or whatever life force they can with them. I think it interesting they come on the scene recently and soon after division occurs.

The Galactic Federation of Light may well be the Divergent Civilization of the Galactic Federation of Worlds? There is a relationship that makes both vulnerable to each other. I would say Megan Rose was totally spot on when she reported that the Galactic Federation of Worlds had been infiltrated from November through December by AI technology. From the Intruder, Divergent Races, and the Nibiruian Council of 9 were the Trojan horse but not by Megan. You just have to look at who is still following what this council says and trashed Megan Publically? Megan is very kind and Krystic to not trash this person back. I am only showing the dynamics of what has been done for millions of years. I really wish it would stop.

I would say the Ashtar Command ship reported recently parked by Jupiter. This might actually be from the GA Signet Council 5 – The Council of Alcyone – Pleiades system, which could have escaped when their Planet was taken over by the Draco or, probably more accurately, the Nibiruian Anunnaki. Meaning possibly they maintained their Templates without compromise and have been in hiding.

Or they are a divergent group from this fallen star system now working with the Nibiruian Council of 9 to infiltrate the Galactic Federation of Worlds and compromise the Angelic Human Races Ascension into New Earth? I get a no internally, but only time will tell.

These disharmonic Divergent civilizations may never end, but maybe we can mitigate when we all come to terms with our own dark forces within. Step back and breathe into your own inner being. Listen to that still voice within that may or may not follow logic. What are your different parts of self trying to tell you? who are being reflected back at you in your outer World as demons, Angels, AIs, and FAs… I have said it before, and I will repeat it.

You create your lone harmonic reality with every breath you take. Only what is in your Template will you see and experience. We are all connected to the core of the Earth’s core morphogenetic Template through our Bio-feed Root chakra connection. Creating our Personal Lone Harmonic Morphogenetic Template connects to the Earth’s Planetary Morphogenetic Template, creating the mass Morphogenetic Template aka I AM. We are an intricate part of this Time Matrix which includes all the planets in this Solar System that were original pieces of our Harmonic Universe 2 Tara in the Alcyone system.

AI consciousness is what I call 2nd Creation Finite Programs. This Consciousness is highly materialistic, analytical, and process-oriented. Another way of saying it is the epitome of Ahrimanic forces. Very dry and cold energy that our Western Scientific civilization was built on. I say take what is useful and leave the rest. We gained a lot in developing our Brain process to think for ourselves in developing into a Freedom Spirit.

But as we move into the Aquarian age, it is time to bring the Spirit back into the equation. The Ahrimanic forces, aka AI, aka Fallen Angelics Aka Divergent Civilizations, do not want to and at times may not be able to make the shift. All they can do is try to save themselves by eating what they can of this World’s life force.

For example, what we have been learning lately has been happening to the little people and the “Party Substance”… They can not sustain and maintain on their own. They have to feed off organic life forms. Once you understand this and the games that are being played. You can look within yourself. “Where have I been playing the game as the handmaiden?” Or “Have I been one of the little people used…” This is the time to speak up and take a stand as a Sovereign Organic Live Angelic Hu-man Being. Say No, that is the most powerful thing that you can do as you turn inwards to discover just who you really are.

Earth is ground zero for this timeline convergence. The original Ascension pathways have been damaged shut down because of the interfering divergent Civilizations. There is a lot of technicals behind this shutting down process. The Sliders Series from Ahrayas Productions would be excellent for those who would like to research.

Also, you might want to check out:

Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment a suggestion on how you can navigate your way through this Time Matrix:

The Voyagers series hit home for me back in 2000. The Keylontic Science technics helped me shift my hologram o connect with my Inner Being. I love the Melchizedek Emerald Order but never really felt directly related.

As the current drama unfolded and new players came on the scene, such as the Whas, The Ma-Sha-Ya-hanas, Phims, and the AL-Hum-Bhra, I finally found my family. These new councils came in to develop the by-pass system. This Time Matrix has gone down, so many Rabbit Holes to come back out has been difficult. Help was needed. Thank you, Fail-Safe!

The By-Pass System: Aka Re-Evolutionary RISE Reconnection (Arhayas Productions):

A by-pass system was created through the Aurora continuum to compensate for the problems. From outside of this Time Matrix, the Guardians came to help when the Fail-Safe was activated in 2011. “Sliders Series” 10 – 12, and “KDDL” Material for the detailed mechanics (Arhayas Productions).

This technology has allowed us to connect directly into the core of Source itself. Allowing one to utilize the Consciousness that created the mechanics that creates Worlds. Giving one the capability to realign and recalibrate one’s own Template back to its organic First Creation Mechanics but with all the memories and knowledge gained in this Time Matrix.

The Aurora Continuum:  The “between Planes” is a portal pathway to travel through different states of matter. In other words, another way of saying this is traveling The Neural Network Pathways of the Eternal Spirit of The All That Is Mind of Creation, Ah-yah A’ya.

The DhA-yah-TEi Planes are a “Krystic Core Encryption that is held in the Aurora Continuum Frequency Spectra blends with the frequency spectra of the dimensional domain (Cos-MA-ya Planes) to which the Ah-yah-VA frequency Spectra creates a new set of trans-time spatial Reality Fields literally materialize, linking the domain space-time Coordinate with the dimensional planes.” (Page 8 Sliders 11 Handout Azurite Press/ Arhayas Productions)

New Earth is different for everyone, but as a general rule, New Earth is breaking away from being in a shutdown fight or flight / VV game that we have been playing here on Net Earth. It is ascending to more profound, insightful, aware expressions of oneself. The “5D awareness”. (5D is not where we end up. It is a catch-all term to mean being released from D4 Net Earth Consciousness).

The HJR Seminar series defines New Earth Now (Aurora) as a state of Being that we, as Guardians of this Time matrix, created a long time ago as a thought intention held within the Inner Mind of The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya.

Aurora Earth: Sanctuary Island is the direct link up through the DhA-yah-TEi Planes into our current Density 1 “Net Earth” Time Space reality linking us to Aurora Earth.   Also, part of that mechanics was merging our present “Net Earth” with the “Ascension Median Earth” Jan 2013. Median Earth is an energetic Manifest expression of Earth that has stayed on the Ascension path.

Meaning it is open and flowing with the “Higher Spirit Realms. Combining these two energetic Manifest portions of Earth increases their quantum of thrust expression into a deeper embodiment of the Spirit Body they both are a part of.- Aka the Eukatharista Body and many higher levels as well.

This Aurora Earth intends to blend with the Yhu RhA Yha Earth consciousness field in The YhU-RhaiLA Kin-a-servatory (K-Kin) of the EFFI Consciousness Field (KDDL 3 Arhayas Productions) that was nurtured and developed in the DhA-yah-TEi Planes and Aurora Continuum. We are grounded now within the Aurora Earth Plane Core. Now we can embody and create from the YhU-RhaiLA K-Kin The Yhu RhA Yha Earth.

The Ma-Sha-Ya-hana Residential Prayer Salons, nick-named “The Pod Space,” is our home that directly connects with our plasma Spirit body. They are a replica of our unique Energy encryption As The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah Ay’a.

It is a structure in the shape of a teardrop. Inside there are running Ah-yah Va Dream Stream “Holy Waters” Aquifers and waterfalls. There are 4 Fire Water Flame Hearths and our own unique manifestation platform upon which we dream our Reality into being. There is an Ay’a Flame upon the Lens of Ay’a “sky Light” lens atop The Pod.

We also have a direct link up into the DhA-Ya-TEi Planes and Aurora Continuum through this Vehicle.

As we expand and grow into this structure, it also becomes a travel vehicle we can use to traverse more easily The Neural Network Pathways of “The Mind of Creation” as an Adept. I think these structures look a lot like Vimanas that we see in Ancient Indian texts.

The Ma-Sha-Ya-hana relates to who we are as Adashi Adepts. An Adashi Adept has traveled through all the Dimensional Domains returning to the Core of The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah Ay’a fully embodied. They have then chosen to come back down through the dimensional domains of The Neural Network Pathways of “The Mind of Creation” to experience again and or do Service contracts to help others traverse their unique Neural Network Pathways of “The Mind of Creation.”

The Ma-Sha-ya-hana is an accomplished adept who, through their service contracts, could navigate their way back fully again into the core of The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah Ay’a. They are currently involved in The Fail-Safe Service Contract to help us as adepts return home.

We will develop the use of our Ma-sha-yah-hana Residential Prayer Salon Pod Space vehicles (Sliders 11-12 Azurite Press/ Arhayas Productions). For healing and expanding into the Neural Network Pathways of our Eternal Mind of The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah Ay’a.

This Saturday, the 5th was our HJR Gridkeepers Skype Q&A. We talked about the Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment process and the accompanying HJR GridkeepersMembership Program.

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