The Polarity Drama A HJR Insight

Polarity Consciousness seems to be a primary theme of living a 3D life. The battle is literally between light and dark, electrical male and magnetic female. I can’t say that Polarity consciousness is my cup of tea, but I am coming to understand its position in the scheme of the bigger picture of human evolution. Particularly with bringing in the third key component of Spirit aka. Internal Eternal Core of your Being God Source First Eternal Ah-yah A’ya to balance the scales.

As the newly evolving freedom Spirits, we are sifting and sorting what works and what doesn’t. We are learning how to experience each positive to negative vibratory tonal signature to determine our inner Eternal balance point. We each have experience extremes of liberal vs. conservative, Luciferic vs. Arymetic, Patriarchal vs. Matriarchial, good vs. evil, and right vs. wrong streams of consciousness.

There is wisdom and discernment gained through this trial and error process. Everyone being fair and friendly to each other can only sincerely come once you relearn who you are through growth and evolution. No longer do we follow the tribal group laws of a nation. Blindly following rules of your coding. Or we did it because it was always done, “Tradition”. We now choose and live the consequences of our choices as individuus of the All One God Sorce First Eternal Ah-yah A’ya.

To better understand the dynamics of this “Polarity Drama.” We need to first travel all the way back to the ancient civilization of Lumeria. The Seth Material by Jane Roberts said that Lumeria was the third ancient civilization to live on Earth. Voyagers material by E’Ashayana Deane referenced it as the third seeding. Rudolph Steiner referenced it as one of the first ancient civilizations on Earth before the Atlantian Civilization.

According to Seth, the Lumerians made a contract to experiment with altering the Aggression Gene in their DNA. Their assessment of the destruction of the previous seeding had been due to aggression. Voyagers’ reference to Seeding 2 destruction had been due to The Thousand Years War.

The problem is breathing is an aggressive action. Walking is an aggressive action. Creating and birthing a new life is an aggressive action. This civilization had a hard time functioning. They soon realized their experiment was a failure. But at the same time, they developed their mental and spiritual capacity to use sound mechanics. Their technology is still far superior to anything we have today. They thankfully had help from their future Venusian, aka Piailadian lineage, to support their spiritual development. I am not discounting them. They were a great civilization that we can learn a lot from.

Eventually, many of them dismantled their technology, abandoned their homes, and integrated into the local tribes in the area. Some were able to have offspring before dying. According to Gigi Young, others became so twisted in fear and disfunction that they became caught up in the eventual destruction of the continent. Still, others more evolved were able to recode their DNA as high priests and Preistes to leave the continent to help form the Atlantian civilization.

In my opinion, we still have their anti-aggressive gene to this day. It causes fear and physical weakness. Inability at times to be expressive. The thought of being in a Polarity Drama would just about do them in. Yet, you create whatever you focus on, whether positively or negatively. If we are not careful, those of us with this altered gene could run the chance of becoming regressive and not becoming a fully evolved Freedom Spirit.

People’s altered genes are easy to program. Also known as the “Handmaidens of the Deep State.” They spend a lot of time in fear mode. They just want everyone to play nicely so they don’t have to deal with aggression. They basically try to just follow the leader when they can. They can be in any political party. Liberal or conservative. What governs their affiliation is where they are on the polarity scale of the magnetic and electrical frequency spectrum. Expressed as male or female dominant.

All though each position expresses this submission in its own way. Some of these mindsets in the spiritual community say, “Don’t play in Politics if you are spiritual,” “Don’t Standout,” “Don’t Cause a Fuss,” “Peace at all Costs,” “The Government wouldn’t do…”, “The Government has our good intentions at heart.”

People are so fearful and unable to take action effectively for themselves. They tend to be on the extremes of the two polarity poles trying to play it safe. Never really taking charge of their life but blaming the other group for their inaction. Obviously, everyone is at different stages of healing this DNA alteration, program code.

We next bring in Rudolph Steiner’s Luciferic and Ahrimanic streams of consciousness to bear on the situation. Luciferic is of the Intellect within the head. Regenerative energy gives life to a dying head. Fantasy and illusions. Words echoing in the head. Working to divide one’s soul from their Spirit causes them to be caught up in the mind of delusion.

Ahrimanic is within the bones bringing death and destruction. Obtaining a person’s focus to personal Earthly issues. These two forces play out against each other. According to Steiner in both ur physical body and in the outside world around us:

Far-Left Liberal = Luciferic forces. The big government controls to the point of being communistic. Seeing the world from abstract concepts is not based on fact but illusions of the mind.

Far-Right Conservative- Ahrimanic forces. Follow whoever has the biggest guns or power structure. Their focus is to keep the Tribal Family safe. May even support others going to war for them. They tend to be warmongers bringing death and destruction.

This anti-aggressive twisted gene runs in both perspectives. Also, because the fear is so great, they probably tend to live out self-fulfilling professing dramas. Such as being survivors of rape and other traumas.

I have seen this program run in my own life. I’m not fronting. I have painstakingly been working to clear it for a while. Doing a lot better, but ya really seeing the nuances of it.

We can find our way out of it by healing our traumas and respecting and understanding our fear. The HJR sessions have made a huge difference. Any work that can connect you to your template to recode the DNA makes a big difference in transforming your life.

But first, understanding what is behind this fear and why you do what you do. Allow yourself to experience both polarities. Learn to find your own balance of your Krystic Divine Blueprint. Your personal Christ Stream of consciousness. The natural balancing point of the Organic Trinity of Creation. Let go of trying to control or fix others. You can not stop breathing or protect others from breathing and living where bumps lay on one’s path. Trust in Life Now.

Everyone is at their own growth point with this. There are those that experience very little polarity consciousness in their life because they have mastered the dynamics and healed their Divine Krystic BluePrint. Others are living right in the crazy middle of it.

I have seen the dynamic of two realities going on at once as I stood within my balance point. Years ago, I was hanging out after a church service. Ya, back when I still went to church, I was standing in the back of the room. Everyone was socializing and overall having a good time. Two people stood out to me. It was like two different realities were going on in front of me. One guy was laughing and having a good old time. The other was really depressed and unsteady on his feet.

The man was having a perfect time. He was happy with life and sound in himself and didn’t notice the depressed guy. In fact, when the depressed guy literally stumbled and fell right where the content, balanced guy was standing. The happy, balanced guy, without missing a beat of his happy conversation, literally without looking, took a step to the side just when the depressed guy fell down literally where the happy guy had just been standing. It was like they were moving in two different worlds simultaneously.

So ya, the reality is in no way rock bottom solid. While we all appear in the same so-called physical space, we are not all aware of each other unless vibrationally matched. Polarity is about Vibrational Mechanics. It is about the balance within the organic Trinity of Life. The Un-One of God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya birthing the light body structure of light and sound.

We, as the All That Is continuously finding our balance. Trying out different gene combinations to find out what works and doesn’t work. The only actual answers literally are within you. Trust yourself. Face the fears head-on bring your Inner Being to the forefront.

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Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

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