The Hierophant an HJR Insight

I started writing about what a Hierophant was but soon found the rabbit hole it took me down. I hope you gain something from this article. I know that I did. As usual, take what you like and leave the rest.


In Keylontic Science, a Hierophant is a conscious, aware geomancy Keylon Code Fire Letter of light, sound un-one. These standing waves of intention lay dormant like a seed within the Initiate’s DNA until the Initiate’s breath sings the codes into being. When the Initiate’s Fire Letter DNA comes fully activated, they become an Adept.

The Adept becomes the fire letter code of the Hierophant to activate other initiates in the creation process. These Adepts evolve through cycles into Collectives that eventually group into soul groups. These collective Group Soul Adepts sing their geomancy fire letter codes into a Morphenogetic Sphere grid “Core” to harmonize into, for example, a “Planet.” The life on these planets is a reflection of these Hierophant designs.

These Collective adepts, aka Rishi, were later known as Speakers. Initially, they were one Being who embodied the Trinity of Light Sound Un-One. These beings were giants and responsible for different Universes. These Beings initiated Flame holders throughout their Time matrices. The flame holder initiates eventually became Adept Speakers of their own “Planets.” As these beings were an intrical part of their Planetary structure, the Planet grew with them, and they with the Planet.

These Collectives created their time matrix birthed into being within each density domain of a time matrix. “Fractiling,” aka “descending finally into the carbon-based Harmonic Universe One expression. These Krystalized denser Speakers became divided into three beings of a trinity of Light Sound Un-One. Who initiated Flame Holder Adepts to be positioned around their “Planetary body coinciding with the Earth’s organic Dimensional stargate portal system. We know one example of the Flame Holder Adepts as the Angelic Human 12 Tribe race here on Earth. Not to be confused with the 12 Tribes of the Israelites. They are part of another story. Each Angelic Human Tribe holds the Hierophant code for a Stargate, DNA Strand, and much more.

Some of these Hierophants’ codes evolved as their proteges grew and evolved on the leading edge of creation. They explored different combinations of codes exploring new possibilities. Some of these possibilities further developed the Collectives, The All That Is God Source First Eternal. Some digressed the Collectives, causing divergent timelines to occur, eventually creating the eighth Sphere or Phantom Earth in our Solar System.

Lucifer, Arimon, and Archangel Michael

They are examples of Hierophant coded impulses that lived their cycles but continue to live on through the divergent Time line souls who have been unable to cycle to the next level of progression. At some level, their template became part of the eighth Sphere, aka Phantom Earth.

These impulses energy is, according to Steiner, part of a different time cycle when Earth humans were at a different evolutionary stage there for received the impulse of energy suited to them for the particular growth needed. Obtaining the impulse at this time can cause regression over time in a person’s development.

Yhu RhA yah Earth exemplifies our highest potential for our Planet’s original Divine BluePrint. This Being is massive and embodies many other geomancy-coded Beings upon which our Net Earth, Median, and Hibernation Zones are but a whisper. We can create a New Earth with every breath we sing out.

As far as I can figure, the Hierophant coded impulse Arimon was designed to create Time Matrices. That is why the Peacock is connected to this entity. The Peacock is a rudimentary symbol code for multidimensionality. This entity cold and calculatingly divides life into its smallest units to preserve it. The Eight Sphere or Phantom Earth is its creation. This impulse only knows what it is designed to do.

As we chose to become more solid – densified through Arimon’s impulse, a part of our templates fell into a denser time matrix for the experience of IT.

The Division of the Elohim

According to E’ Ashayana Deane Arhayas of the Voyagers series, we are on our third seeding here on Harmonic One Earth. We had fallen backward from our original Harmonic Universe two: Tara reality, long ago. There seems to be this desire in the human genome to experience solidity. The desire to break things down and analyze. There is nothing wrong in and of itself in its own time and space. We have deeply explored the Eighth Sphere experience in this third seeding round. We all have a choice to make Now.

In the early part of this Time Matrix, there was a natural division between one creator collective called the Elohim. The Elohi “Founder Race” stayed as the ethers of the upward Krystic Hierophant coded Template of the firmament. The Anu Elohim split off as the Jehovah Elohim Arimonic impulse descended into dimensionality. Only what has ended up happening has been a de-evolution of the Angelic Human of the Harmonic Universe One Earth plane into the Phantom Earth sphere. The de-evolution created “Net Earth.”

Those unable to maintain their connection with their Krystic Blue Print evolution digressed. Some chose to digress with their loved ones as parts of their templates followed into Phantom Earth. They became the “Lost Ones” but were never forgotten.

The Annunaki are an example of this Fallen Annu-Elohim Lineage. This divergent Hierophant collective includes Lucifer, Jehovah, and Satan (Arimon). Examples of Human hybrid Illuminati lineages connected to these fallen collectives are Marduke, Enlill, and Pleiadian – Samjase, just to name a few. A further example of divergent Human Timelines is the Zeta. The Zeta is an excellent example of how the Human genome can digress to no longer being Human.

Another great example is the Draconian. Their Drako Human Hybrids of Phantom Earth (Eighth Sphere), aka “Royal Family,” correlate to the second Rishi Heorophant collective, the Seraphie Seraphims.

These “Fallen Angelics” of Phantom Earth (Eighth Sphere) chose, according to Gigi Young and E’ Ashayana, the inorganic A.I. path evolving into a completely different star system. They are dying out, and they chose to come back in time via the Tidius Mobius Time Wave to regain some of what they lost in their DNA and whatever else they can scrap.

Right now, thanks are significant to the Earth Alliance and to all who choose the Kryst. The Fallen Beings still choosing anti-krystic reality are running scared. Those making new choices manifest their salvation to embody their organic Kystic expression of being to rise again out of the ashes.

There is a Season to Everything

The Lucifer Elohim impulse, actually, according to Steiner, was streamed in by Arch Angel Michael by the Elohim to counteract the Arimonic impulse to be solidified and animalistic.- Only this impulse came during the Lemurian epoch before the third seeding Human could actually effectively work with it. But according to Steiner, counter forces were causing the human to digress even worse without the Light-bearer forces bringing the Human out of mindlessly digressing into an animalistic materialistic being.

These soul groups tied by blood worked as a cohesive force but could not act individually. The Luciferic (Light-bearer) streamed in the Sun I Am individual essence to integrate into the planetary Sphere as individuals instead of just one collective Arimonic tribal unit – to be both the collective and as “I.” The Freedom Spirit was initiated. There needed to now be a balancing force.

The original Angelic Human Krystic Divine Blueprint, aka christ impulse for this digressive Third Seeding, needed to come in. But first, the Luciferic impulse had to finish its natural cycle of bringing the soul into the light of Spirit. Then the Arimonic counter impulse naturally cycled in to get the souls back to the Earth’s evolution. In the middle of the two counter-rotating cycles, the Krystic balancing impulse was birthed into the Planet as Jeshua, aka Jesus. This Being infused Mankind with the ability to connect with its divine Krystic BluePrint. Once again, the ability to hold at bay the forces pushing us down into dimensionality (Arimonic) and the impulse moving us frantically upward with no direction into the vastness of Spirit (Luciferic).

In Summary – We are our Choices

This is a critical time in our evolution as the divergent Luciferic and Arimonic Phantom Earth forces play out their last hurrah through A.I. technology. Some will plunge back down into the depths of the Eighth Sphere of Phantom Earth, and many others will rise up as the Freedom Spirits. Which path do you feel you are guided on?

Are you part of the New Age movement working closely with Arch Angel Michael? Finding much good but also seem to be caught up in bipolar life of good and evil? Constantly fighting that unknown enemy.

Or are you following the Luciferic path living out fantasies that never seem to amount to anything real or stable? Or is science your religion, and the soul just a secondary thought, if at all?

We all live some version of them daily because these impulses live in the blood of our ancestral lineages. But we can balance these impulses by connecting with the genuine Kryst impulse of The Divine Template of our own Inner Being as The All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya. We can choose once again. Abre yah DUN. Live from your Eternal Internal Krystic Core. Explore what that is for you.

E’Ashayana Deane, aka Arhayas, is my reference for Keylontic Science, the mechanics of manifestation, and much of the history in her Voyagers’ books and other material. She also talks in-depth about the “Fallen Angelics.” You can also read my “The Guardian Alliance: An HJR Insight” blog post for more details on the “Fallen Angelics, aka Divergent Human Timelines,

I also intertwine Rudolf Steiner and Gigi young. Along with my own intuitions to flesh out a bigger picture of who we are as the All That Is God Source First Eternal.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’ She Wha’ Nitah,

HJR Navigator Helping Others to Connect with Their Multidimensional Clan Family

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