The Seeder Race: An HJR Insight

This post was inspired by a recent Michael Salla Exopolotics Return of The Seeder & Anunnaki History and current events / Return of Enki series (Enki and the Adamic DNA “Holy Grail” of the Human Race). Then, around the same time, I watched some of Ismail Perez with Tarot Be Janine around the topic, as well as Corey Goode, Megan Rose, and Arcana Shores with Janine. All of them came at it from different directions. This post points out that something is happening and my personal take on it. As usual, take what you like and leave the rest. Ultimately you have to trust your gut on what reality you are creating in your own Lone Harmonic.

Now always keep in mind my foundational perspective is Keylontic Science with added Steiner, Gigi Young, and Seth material. Concerning current events, I greatly respect Megan Rose’s (Valnick) perspective too.

Michal Salla and Elana Danaan

The Return of The “Seeder Race,” according to Alana’s Altean contact OOnana, who seeded the Human race and is here to watch and seed the Adamic DNA _”Holy Grail” code to the Human Race. These seeders are connected to the Enki, an Anunnaki entity that genetically created the slave Human Race.

Ishmael Perez

In Sept 2022 Youtube Video on Tarot by Janine, Perez reported that Enki is a bad guy in wanting to create a warrior race for the future thousand-year war. He has also been involved in taking the DNA from the Galactic Federation of Worlds and others using this genome to create super soldiers that look like the Federation but are not for this future war. Some place, he is supposedly storing the DNA. Might actually be using the Federation DNA now? In his opinion, anyone advocating for Enki is not for the good.

He does advocate for the White Hats, aka Earth Alliance, and reports they have taken over the LunarOperations.

Megan Rose (Valnick) Galactic Federation of Worlds

She has reported in a few videos that there is a seeder race and that they have been a supportive force for the Galactic Federation of Worlds in helping keep order in this current solar system in dealing with the Deep State. She has not reported that she herself has interacted with the Altean Seeder Race. She reports that Valneck, a Federation officer, communicates through a special ocular communication device. This unique relationship was established at a young age to mainly protect her. When the “Plandemic Hit” and the Earth Alliance were in full operation, playing the wake-up movie game and saving the children. Because of her unique remote viewing abilities, Valneck can safely report what is going on from the Federation military perspective in support of our Earth Alliance.

Current Intel is the Earth Alliance with the Federation, have taken over Lunar operations. Previously according to many insiders was under partial control of the Secret Space Program, aka Deep State. yes!!!

Corey Goode

Interestingly, Corey reported that the Lunar Operations have been taken over by bad guys in league with the Federation around the same time. He even noted that the Federation seemed under a spell. He also has been stressing for a while now that he is in league with working with the Secret Space Program. He had reported in the past that he was part of a breakaway alliance of the Secret Space Program. but even with this group, he was an outsider. he was by no means a mouthpiece for them. Now all of a sudden, he is their spokesman?

Arcana Shores

Lastly, I came upon an interview with Janine (TBJ) on Arcana Shores – “Queen of Ravens” that referenced the seeder’s race referenced as The Watchers. The basic gist is the “Watchers” have come back to clean up their mess.

My Personal Take on the Situation

The “Seeder Race” aka Altean & The Annunaki

First off, we are Angelic Indigo Maji Grail Turaneusiam Humans from our Harmonic Universe 2 counterpart Tara. Secondly, we have been evolving from our original Yanas multidimensional structure throughout the evolution of this Time matrix as the “Founder Races” from the Primal Light and sound Rishi fields and beyond through the Eternal Internal Ah-yah A’ya of Creation. (Voyagers! The Sleeping Abductees by Ashayana Deane)

Both Enki and Enlil are brothers of the Annunaki lineage. According to KS, these Beings would be considered a collective lineage line aka, Hierophant Coded Impulses (see “The Hierophant an HJR Insight “). The Voyagers Series references Enki (Osiris Samjes) and Enlil (Atlas Odedicron) as fallen Divergent Annunaki Nuberian Reptile Larsa Leviathan King lines of Atlantis.

The Anu-Melchizedek Leviathan Race was initiated by raiding an Emerald Covenant Hybridization Program that had begun in 155,000 BC for the fallen Annunaki and Drakonian/Reptile races. These souls were committed to the Krist of the Law of One to re-evolve their gene code into the organic 12 Strand DNA Krist code. Another way of saying it is reconnecting with their multidimensional Clan Family.

By 10,500 BC, the number of Anu-Melchizedek Leviathan (E-Luhli-Levi) hybrid outnumbered the Emerald Covenant Human and Maji-Indigo races. Eventually, creating the formation of the competing Leviathan Atlantian Conspiracy OWO dominion agendas and, in 9560 BC, the formation of the Anunnaki-Leviathan-Luciferian Covenant OWO plan to take over Earths Templar. (Voyagers II The Secrets of Amenti by Anna Hayes 2002, page 390)

The Guardian Hosting programs are not a one-time fix. It is about receiving the codes energetically within one’s gene code and then each soul integrating and evolving their Blood, Bone, and Star family lineage over time. The ancient Mystery schools were part of this process. Children learned from the womb who they were and over their life span deeper realizations of who they are as the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya. “All EOMC organizations are egalitarian co-operatives and do not work under authoritarian, hierarchical order, but rather through co-creative agreements based upon principles of Law of One communion, and genuine non-patriarchal Melchizedek Cloister Maharata-Inner Christos teachings.” (Voyagers 1 The Sleeping Abductee by Ashayana Deene, page xlvii) Each new lifetime each member gained a better understanding as their streamed DNA codes activated within the Blood, Bones, and Star connections. Steiner’s work on Our Third Seeding Epoc evolution is very helpful too.

I would not trust Enki or Enlil as far as I can throw them. When I used the Tarot cards and tuned in. As usual, this so-called Enki’s loyalty is to his “Anunnaki Lineage.” The Human Race be dammed. These guys follow the “Might is Right” mentality. They are the War Lords, aka The Raider Races. Through Their raiding of the Emerald Covenant Hybridization Program, gaining the codes to birth onto this planet. They invade the Angelic Human Indigo Maji Grail King lines to gain access to the Earth’s Templar. We are still seeing this playing out today in our false royal lineages.

My personal intuition of the Altean’s “Seeder Race” is that they were genetically a hosting hybridization program for the Anu Elohim to heal their genetic reversal (inorganic) caused by devolution through choices and inability to make it to the next level of evolution during the Fall of Metatron (Giovanni) in the Cradle of Lyra 250 Million years ago. The Anu Metatron “collective” Entity split in evolution from their original Elohi Elohim Founder Race Primal Light and Sound Field Rishi Lineage. They were stewards of Stargate 11 Aveyon (Nibiru), aka AnuElohim. They were a Krystic collective team that had come in from the Giovanni Primal Light and Sound Fields Entity to help heal this time matrix.

This fall, in turn, compromised the Giovanni Entity, which eventually chose to put more of itself in to help, and that part fell too. Eventually, the Entity was so overtaken by its fallen parts it began cultivating and evolving the Phantom Matrix. (“Dance For Love” Greece 2002 workshop Ahrayas Productions)

This Metatron collective decided they would create their own World. Hince 2nd Creation Finite Mechanics was born. They created a base 11 utilizing the 7 Flowers of Life model cut out of the Base 12 Krystic Law of One Emerald Covenant First Eternal Creation Mechanics when Gate 12 Arhamatena was damaged. Cutting this Time Matrix from Eternal Source memory and regeneration, creating the Phantom Matrix Black Hole (Milkyway Galaxy) and Later Phantom Earth, aka Eighth Shere.

When the Eye of Brahman lens was implemented at dimension 11.5 to anchor the now Phantom Matrix to the Eternal Primal Life fields, right before Gate 12 was damaged. The Founder Races initiated a Hyberdization program. This allowed our Time Matrix the opportunity to heal and not become “Space Dust.” All was going well for 150 million years. Many soul groups were able to ascend. (“Dance For Love” Greece 2002 workshop Ahrayas Productions)

The matriarchal counterpart (Altean) to Giovanni Primal Sound Fields Rishi lineage introduced a DNA Code that would eventually align their Giovanni counterpart (Annu Metatron collective back into their original time matrix and take them off the divergent Phantom Matrix timeline. They were doing very well in this Guardian Hosting.

The AnuElohim could not directly evolve back into their Giovanni matrix. They had to host through the Braharama Third Founder Race of the Eye of Brahama. About 150 Million years ago, some within the Metatronic collective still wanted to be Creator Gods. When you are disconnected from D12, that UnOne connection is lost to all life everywhere. They could not move out of their divergent timeline and invaded the Altean Hybridization Program.

These raiders took over much of the program. Eventually created the Anunaki (Avengers of the Anu) Race line. Much like what happened millions of years later on Planet Earth during the Early part of seeding three, as referenced in the Voyagers Series.

I have a feeling that we were able to do the Annu-Melchezedeck Hyberdization program during this last Seeding on Earth because of the Altean hosting 250 million years ago. The coding was there lying dormant. It needs the right activator keys at the right time, which probably correlates with a stellar activation cycle. The ones who could hold their line and not get taken over became the Altean race. I believe the Alteans have something good they are trying to do, and I do get they are working with the Al-Hum-Brha Councils. The Krystic name for this Anu Matriarchial Seeder Race might sound like El Ter-ri-an’ ah? I have a feeling E’ Asha will bring through the correct name.

During recent HJR group work connecting with the Alteans through the AL-Hum-Bhra, we found they are connected to ancient Norse mythology of the Norway area. But what we know of them are little snippets of the current mythology stories. Interestingly there is an AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Complex in this area, hmm. They appear androgynous with a more Eira – Female dominant energy to them. Beautiful, loving, respectful beings.

The Enki and Enlil are part of the infiltrated Annunaki strain still causing havoc. The AL-Hum-Bhra are still trying to help them. Enki and others of this divergent timeline are “Working” with the Alteans via redemption contract to fix their lineage genome and not out of any love for the Human race.

The Adamic DNA could actually be a version of this original Hyberdization program 250ish Million years ago. But I personally would not go through Enki to do it. But those running the divergent compromised Enki timeline might benefit.

I feel E’Asha, through her program, may come up with a version for those who don’t have the original codes in their DNA to receive it. I sense the ones with the codes will receive them naturally as their bodies activate with the higher frequencies coming in. Then, over time, integrate the codes.

The ones who follow this Enki group and are not related more than likely have their abilities to actually receive the DNA Code inhibited. Again this is my intuitive feeling.

Looking closer at the Enki and Enlil group from Perez’s perspective. My Tarot cards give 70 percent accuracy on the Perez super-solders. I get that was the plan, but the Guardian and Earth Alliance, bit by bit, are dismantling the whole enchilada baby.

Keep in mind I don’t like that he is out of integrity with giving credit where credit is due on how he really did receive his information about the Guardian Alliance and Azurites. He is also for the Tube Torus mechanics; any self-respecting Azurite would never advocate that. I will not say any more about Perez. I have concerns, but that’s my feeling. There is a lot of good that he does say. I personally would just take him will a big grain of salt. As of yet, I do not know who is behind him, so to speak?

My intuition – Enki’s intended agenda was to create a more powerful, stronger Annunaki Race. Part of it uses the “Adomic” genome, and a part uses the Angelic Human and Pleiadian and others Genome. By the way, Gigi Younge advocates that the agenda for most of these breakaway Divergent races have come back in time to try to fix their mistakes in destroying their World. Earth is ground zero.

The Altean are working with the AL-Hum-Bhra to heal the genome in this time matrix. The Altean as a whole have much love and compassion for the Angelic Human Race, but overall their focus is on healing and restoring their family lineage, which does tie into the Angelic Human race.

Enki and others of this divergent timeline are “Working” with the Alteans via redemption contract to fix their lineage genome and not out of any love for the Human race. In other words, many agendas going on at once. I would not want to be the AL-Hum-Bhra, GFW, and Earth Alliance trying to keep it all straight and everyone in line.

Corey Goode: I looked at the cards, and some of what he says has truth, but a lot is not, and I’m coming to realize he might be a stooge for the Deep State? Like it was mostly other people’s stories that were told to control the coming out narrative and, if possible, discredit it so that the Secret Space Program could stay afloat. I tell you that anyone advocating for The Secret Space Program is either being played or paid.

Corey is also against the Seeder race and advocates for his own group. My Tarot cards didn’t come up positive on his Zulu ET group either. Not that they are fallen Break away civilization per se, but they are not a highly evolved group out to help Humanity. Honestly, I don’t want to look deep into them at this point.

In conclusion:

We are not alone. Something is going on off the planet and within us. We are way more than we think we are. Any being that makes out like they are your creator God or better than you are somehow compromised and not worth your time. We all have codes and knowledge within us. We are our own gurus!!! Go within and learn to trust your own gut. Maybe I am right maybe I am wrong. But I trust my inner being following the clues outlined in my Personal Planetary Morphenogenetic Template.

The game is not over; the Fat Lady has not sung. Time is Simultaneous as we resonate at different vibrational tonal signatures aligning with different timelines. Each Epoc has its own energetic Hierophant coded signature and place in the cycles of “Time.” We can choose the upward Krystal spiral of evolution Epocs or the downward-sucking Fibernacia Spiral of Phantom Earth Epocs. We make that choice every in-breath and out-breath moment to moment.

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