Intro to Keylontic Science classes

I am excited to introduce my new Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Foundations Series. These introductory KS Classes are an added support to the HJR sessions. But anyone interested in learning about Keylontic Science is welcome. There will be a One-Hour Presentation and then Question and Answer time.

Update: You can still purchase the package. The first class session is recorded on Skype link is available until April 9th. So people can still attend the two live sessions for April and May and catch up for the missed class on March 11, 2023.

Keylonta is the Foundation behind Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment. This Sacred Science gives the true meaning of the Law of One. In these classes, The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness (SEPAs), The Freedom Teachings, Tan-Tri, Rudolf Steiner, Seth Material, and Gigi Young are utilized to explain complicated bodies of knowledge in a simple, clear way.

The Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment HJR technology is the mechanics used to connect on a personal level with your unique multi-dimensional Clan family, aka Inner Being or Higher Self, for learning and growth of what is living by the Law of One, “You Create Your Reality” and Live New Earth Now.

Introduction to The God Worlds Class 1

This is a basic introduction to Keylontic Science. We will discuss the Science of Keylonta, 15- Dimensional anatomy, and the Stairway to Heaven maps.

Date: March 11, 2023, @ 3 PM EST via Skype Link

***The Recorded Session is available for purchase on the Skype Link for a month.

Price: $20

How We Fit In With The God Worlds Class 2

In this class, we will go beyond the Mechanics of the God Worlds to look at the Councils and our place in the whole.

Date: April 15th, 2023, @ 3:00 PM EST via Skype Link

Price: $20

Life In The Eternal Core Of Creation Class 3

This class will be moving out of The Light Body God Worlds and moving into Deeper levels of The Spirit Realm. Looking at the interplay between the Light Body and Spirit work together. What is the By-Pass System, aka Rainbow Bridge, we utilize in sessions?

Date: May 20th, 2023 @ 3 PM EST via Skype Link

Price: $20

Price For All Three Classes $50

I hope you can make it, and please subscribe to Harmonizing Journey Blog if you haven’t yet.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

The HJR Navigator Helping People to Connect With Their Multidimensional Clan Family.

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